In a recent breaking headline, Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson have just publicly announced that they have been tested for the coronavirus or Covid-19 and have been positive of infection! This is the first news about celebrities going public about their diagnosis as some celebrities have not even been tested yet.

Where did Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Get Infected by the Coronavirus?
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Tom Hanks Coronavirus

The panic continues as not just regular people are getting infected from this virus but celebrities and politicians as well. This goes to show that the virus does not pick a specific victim but targets everything in its past which would be a huge threat equally for people within the virus' range.

The announcement was made on Instagram

Both Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson are 63 years of age which puts them at a vulnerable age range to be infected with this virus according to the previous infections where it was seen that older people were most likely to get infected. This virus likes to pray on those with weaker resistance systems which is quite common for people of a higher age range than in the healthy 20s to 30s gap.

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In a recent Instagram post, the couple broke down the news to the public. The couple was in Australia doing the production for the untitled Elvis Presley movie by Baz Luhmann under Warner Brother's Studios where Tom Hanks himself assumes the role of Presley's one and only iconic manager, Colonel Tom Parker.

Was the Elvis movie at fault?

It was already a given that the movie would entail an amount of traveling since almost every blockbuster film features international locations that create iconic scenes. The movie is currently in pre-production over at The Gold Coast in Australia which was where Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson tested positive for the coronavirus or Covid-19.

The test was definitely positive and the coronavirus or Covid-19 was most likely conducted during the travels of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. It was a good thing that the virus was caught during early stages which gives them a fighting chance against this virus but it is still quite unclear what would happen to the film.

The team is working on the safety of their staff

The Australian health agencies are working intensively to be able to identify if the couple contacted other individuals and which of these individuals could have been positive of the coronavirus or Covid-19 as well. The health and safety of the whole team is still the top priority of the production despite an unsure direction as to the films continuation as of the moment.

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The movie was supposed to be scheduled on October 1, 2021 but it seems like this date is not pushing through. Just recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a tally for the coronavirus or Covid-19 stating that there are already 118,000 cases in over 110 countries and different territories around the world.

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