The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has the globe panicking for resources. With the threat at large, many organizations are doing their part in helping the globe reduce the mass hysteria. One of those that are responding are the internet providers.

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T-Mobile, Sprint Is Now Offering Unlimited Data for Smartphone Users

T-Mobile and Sprint had announced on Friday, setting a slate of measures designated to aid the public as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread widely, with the provisions allowing unlimited smartphone data to all of their subscribers. All current T-Mobile or Metro by T-Mobile customers with data plans will have unlimited access to the carrier's network for about 60 days effective immediately, the company said. In addition to that, their customers are also granted an additional data amount of 20GB mobile hotspot service for the same period and free international calls to all Level 3 impacted countries, the countries that are listed includes China, Iran, South Korea and around 29 European countries.

Furthermore, students who are enrolled in a program that takes advantage of T-Mobile's EmpowerED digital learning program also gets at least 20GB of data per month for 60 days.

The telecom company has also noted its network is operating at 100% and that the proper measures are set to respond to any issues that would come up. 

The company is encouraging work from home options for their employees through the end of the month. While others are being offered flexible schedules or additional paid time off for sickness and family support.

Sprint also announced on Friday has almost the same provisions for its valued customers, they note that customers with international long distance calling plans will  receive free international calling rates from the U.S. to Level 3 countries next tuesday. While on Thursday, the carrier will be offering free unlimited data access and an amount of  20GB of mobile hotspot data per month to current subscribers for a period estimating 60 days. 

T-Mobile and Sprint are one of the first mobile carriers in the U.S. to be able to  provide such benefits to their valued customers amidst the coronavirus crisis. 

Are Other Major Mobile Carriers Are Coping Up as Well?

Earlier this week, Internet Providers like AT&T and Comcast have decided to suspend broadband data caps.Comcast is among the companies who have announced suspensions of their internet data cap policies. This is in response to the coronavirus pandemic that is circulating around the globe. Comcast states that they will no longer charge past remaining fees for home internet customers that go overboard its broadband data caps, while. AT&T and Verizon have taken similar measures in removing all data caps for their valued customers.

All four major mobile carriers signed the Federal Communications Commission's "Keep Americans Connected Pledge," The pledge basically asks that companies should not terminate service for residential or small business customers, waive any overage fees incurred due to the economic effects of the pandemic, and to give open access to public Wi-Fi hotspots to every American that needs the service.

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