COVID-19 Warnings! Fake WHO and CDC Accounts Send Emails With Phishing Scams
(Photo : Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash) COVID-19 Warnings! Fake WHO and CDC Accounts Send Emails With Phishing Scams

Coronavirus or COVID-19 victims and casualties continue to increase over time around the globe. The panic that covers this health issue is now also being spread out instantly, just like the virus, and people demand information every single second. However, cybersecurity firms are now warning all citizens worldwide that not all information about the virus is worth reading or even safe to open-- most especially if they came from websites or emails posing as the World Health Organization (WHO) or even the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Don't open that WHO or CDC Coronavirus emails! Here's why 

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COVID-19 Warnings! Fake WHO and CDC Accounts Send Emails With Phishing Scams
(Photo : Photo by on Unsplash)
COVID-19 Warnings! Fake WHO and CDC Accounts Send Emails With Phishing Scams

As reported via threat intelligence firm Recorded Future, cybercriminals or online hackers are now dealing with Coronavirus in a different way that forces people to input their personal information and bank accounts through opening WHO or CDC emails sent to them. 

Hackers are now making fake accounts, emails, and even websites posing as official accounts of the health officials to attract more audiences on their bait amid Coronavirus. As explained, the branding and logos of the health agencies are being used by hackers to send emails to people that wish to know more about the virus.

"Cybercriminals will often use the branding of "trusted" organizations in these phishing attacks, especially the World Health Organization and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to build credibility and get users to open attachments or click on the link," written by Recorded Future. 

Malicious software or documents are sent to thousands of citizens around the world with the title "COVID-19-FAQ" attached to an email with the subject line "Everything you need to know" about the virus. Once you see this type of email in your address, make sure to delete it right away, or else hackers might get your info instantly. 

Italy first received the hacking emails 

Aside from being the second-highest population of Coronavirus victims and deaths, Italy is now being tricked by hackers to open their emails containing a banking Trojan called Trickbot, which is designed to steal confidential information, according to the report. 

As explained, hackers are now using Coronavirus panic to force people to open their emails that they normally don't do. Once a person sees an email attached to WHO or CDC explaining COVID-19, people tend to open them as everyone is now worried about the disease.

"People are worried. They're going to have a high interest in new information on the pandemic," said Ben Read, senior manager of intelligence analysis at FireEye. "This creates a particular lure to click." 

Recorded Future reiterated that opening emails from unusual addresses would never be the safest thing to do even Coronavirus is not happening in the world. People need to be careful about opening those emails, and if you don't, a different virus might come your way. 

"Be especially wary of any email or other communication purporting to come from the CDC or WHO, even if it appears to come from a legitimate address on the official domains," Recorded Future said. 

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