Florida Beach
(Photo : Pixabay)
Florida Beach
(Photo : Screenshot from WFLA's Official YouTube Channel | via Tiziana Celine) Aerial footage show how the crowd defied the social distancing rule.

Clearwater Beach in Florida, was full of visitors who haven't heeded warnings to social distance themselves as a part of efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

Images and photographs from the snow-white beach along Florida's geographic region showed beach lovers, and spring breakers packed on the sand over the weekend.

Florida Beach
(Photo : Screenshot from WFLA's Official YouTube Channel | via Tiziana Celine)
Aerial footage show how the crowd defied the social distancing rule.

While some beaches on the geographical area were closed because of the deadly flu-like virus, also called COVID-19, crowds still came, despite the warnings.

The coronavirus pandemic caused 6,500 deaths worldwide. There are 4,500 confirmed cases and 79 deaths from the infection in the US.

With 149 positive cases of coronavirus within the state of Florida, many of whom are teens or in their early twenties. Four people in Miami have died from the virus. The Centers for Disease Control has advised that events with more than 50 people attending should be canceled.

Irresponsible teenagers defied orders

WFLA reported Tampa beaches near Clearwater were open and busy this weekend. Despite the efforts, many college spring breakers still defied orders from police to prevent partying on the beach after a stretch of Florida's South Beach was closed because of coronavirus fears.

Many students continued the week of celebrations further down the coast on other parts of the beach instead of returning home when the famed party strip was closed on Saturday afternoon.

The most popular parts of the beach closed to the general public from 4:30 PM Saturday and are set to stay shut until March 19. Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber declared that respite in the metropolis is 'over' after a state of emergency was announced Thursday.

Despite warning signs at the entry of the beach advising against mass gatherings and urging beachgoers to practice social distancing, the crowds of scholars continued to pour in throughout Sunday.

In close physical proximity, the crowds gave the impression to disregard the warnings suggests by the CDC.

City Manager Jimmy Morales enacted the emergency measures over the weekend as party-hungry college students continued to travel the popular destination amid the threat of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Centers for Disease Control greeted beachgoers with a floating billboard on Saturday, which urged sunbathers to avoid contact with people who are sick.

Morales told Mayor Gelber that spring breakers 'don't seem to worry about viruses' but that these measures should go to reducing potentially harmful large gatherings.

'Miami Beach may be a popular resort area for spring breakers, yet with school closings and expanded spring breaks, the influx of tourists is extremely high,' Gelber said.

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Establishments in Florida closed, failure to comply will be fined

Cities and states nationwide have seasoned the outbreak by closing schools and shuttering bars, restaurants, and venues where large gatherings occur. The government has also asked people to social distance themselves until the virus is contained.

Restaurants in the area with a capacity of 250 people were told to close or cut back the number of individuals they serve.

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The city announced on Monday: 'Starting 3/16 non-essential businesses are required to shut daily by 10 PM & there'll be a curfew within the Entertainment District from 11 PM - 5 AM.'

Some schools within the state have also closed because of the threat posed by the virus. People who violate the closure may well be hit with a $500 fine or set about to 60 days in jail.

Gov. Ron DeSantis said at a press conference: "Florida isn't visiting be an area where you're visiting be out until 2 AM with 500 people in some bar. Those gatherings present high risks."

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