Top 5 Best Cloud Based Property Management Software in 2020
(Photo : Top 5 Best Cloud Based Property Management Software in 2020)

Modifications and improvements have been changing the many faces of technology since the sands of time started moving. Take property management, for example. Over the years, oversight and maintenance of physical properties, such as real estate, have been maintained through an intricate web of paperwork coupled with an 8-hour day job. Now, however, property management has shifted from a paper-reliant physical ordeal to a clutter-free digital engagement. This modernization is taken further by advancements such as cloud storage and remote monitoring. This means that property management can now be easily accomplished anytime and anywhere, as long as access to the internet is available.

Surveys have identified the following software as the top performers when it comes to cloud-based property management.

1. Hotello by Mingus Software

Top 5 Best Cloud Based Property Management Software in 2020
(Photo : Top 5 Best Cloud Based Property Management Software in 2020)

When Mingus Software came up with Hotello in 2001, the company undeniably achieved its primary goal, to present a complete solution to property management. Hotello has gained popularity as it rose to compete with Opera and other internationally renowned products. Mingus Software is a North American company with more than 20 years of experience and expertise in the fields of hospitality and technology. This has led to company growth and satisfaction among an increasing number of loyal customers. In addition, Hotello has aided in simplifying the complex task of properties operation, which further improves the already ideal customer experience. Hotello currently caters to over 550 clients around Canada, the USA, and, Europe, including hotels and resorts with three to 5-star ratings - most with room counts between 30 to 1000. To name a few, the cloud version of Hotello has been serving main players such as Guesthouse Hotel Chicago, Vance Creek Hotel, Monville Hotel, Mount Stephen, and The Residences at Telus Sky.

Awards: Hotello's performance garnered awards and nominations during the past few years. This includes taking home the "Master" Position in the 2017 FrontRunners Quadrant for Hotel Managements Software, the "Leader" Position in the following year of the said FrontRunners' annual event, and being nominated as "Best Hotel Management Software 2019" by TechTimes.

Features: Being an established property management software in North America for the past 20 years, Hotello is a guaranteed first-class provider. Mingus Software has expressed confidence that Hotello will be the last software that customers will ever need to purchase. The efficient and user-friendly interface tops the list of notable features for Hotello. Its appeal is further boosted by advanced features that assist customers in making the best decisions, increase occupancy rates, simplify properties management, and maximize profitability. However, its availability in the Cloud is most appealing to many customers as it opened doors of various possibilities, including a secure and efficient infrastructure that is readily available, from across the globe.

Strong Competitive Advantage. Hotello brings to the table a wide array of features that cater to a spectrum of customer needs. Among the features that customers are fond of include business intelligence, automating, complex packages management, yield management, housekeeping, and associated interfaces such as integrated payment solutions, an email marketing platform, guest experience tools, self-check-in, and check-out kiosks, and online training. Business intelligence puts the PMS in the center of operations while automating takes on automatically scheduling emails. Hotello can help to manage complex packages and the online sales of these packages, while yield management reports analysis that can aid in determining the best strategy in promoting profitable goals. Worries on housekeeping assignments will also be a thing in the past with Hotello as intelligent room assignment to a specific attendant can also be done through the software. Hotello also has advanced connectivity with partners, namely iHotelier, Expedia, and TravelClick, among others.

For the Win. Hotello is always gearing to achieve technological advances. In fact, Expedia EQC QuickConnect® Preferred Program acknowledges Hotello as the first PMS supplier in the world. Along with this, Hotello has also achieved to be the pioneer of the self-check-in kiosks in North America. As often said on customer review platform as Capterra, customers describe Hotello as an intuitive and efficient solution that is genuinely user-friendly. The software has been described as practical, versatile, complete, and yet is very affordable and competitive in rate.

Of course, behind the continuous improvement of Hotello is its supportive customer service, which is available on weekdays from seven in the morning to seven in the evening. For emergency matters, Hotello's experienced specialists are ready to serve 24/7.

In the subject of partners, Hotello leans more on quality rather than quantity. Its current partners offer previously tested solutions that are efficient and assure only the best and competitive advantage for customers. Schedule a live demo and see why Hotello is ahead of it's game.

2. Buildium by RealPage

In 2004, Michael Monteiro & Dimitris Georgakopoulos both cofounded Buildium with the goal to simplify property management. Buildium grew steadily from 500 customers in 2008 to 10,000 customers by 2014. Presently, Buildium continues to prioritize customer experience as it makes the list for the top-performing property management software solutions for 2020.

Features: Buildium covers a full tree of services. For accounting, the platform could take care of tasks such as property accounting, company financials, online payments, retail cash payments, and even 1099 e-filing. This means that with Buildium's powerful reporting, the customer would be able to track rent, budgets, and vendor payments. Business operations such as, conversing with tenants, vendors, and owners get easier as Buildium features tools such as a residential center, document storage, a portal for the owner, and renters insurance. For owners, quality tenants are guaranteed with the use of the platform's comprehensive tenant screening tool, high-yield rental listings, and, to top it all off, a fully-integrated professional website for property managers. The long list of features to watch out for does not stop there because the platform offers benefits to customers as well, which include onboarding, customer care, and data security among others. Being a cloud-based platform ties all these features in a neat bow.

3. Propertyware by RealPage Company

Another notable cloud-based platform for property management is RealPage's Propertyware. If purchasing an entire building is not in the cards, instead single-family properties are preferred, then Propertyware is the perfect solution. The high probability to grow doors goes with the platform's aim to optimize profits for the customer and increase revenue as well.

Features:  There is no need to dread being short of a CPA because with Propertyware, customers can get the accounting services and tools necessary to grow doors, even with little knowledge on accounts receivable, quick reconciliations, accounts payable, and other such matters. The platform reassures customers of timely rent, minimized property risk, and the freedom to choose the most convenient payment option, whether it be online or via cash-ins. Marketing in Propertyware gives its customers complete control over listings and prospect tenants, with features for tracking the effectiveness of the marketing channel, lead generation, and conversion. The tenant screening feature guarantees organized processing where double entries are screened and identify the highest quality tenant. AssetProtect Insurance Program is also included in the Propertyware package, putting a safety net under the customer's assets at a very low cost. Lastly, being a cloud-based platform, portals for both tenants and owners are available for access 24/7 from any location, whether in the office or on the go.

4. AppFolio Property Manager by AppFolio, Inc.

When Klaus Schauser and Jon Walker founded AppFolio, Inc. in 2006, their mission was geared towards revolutionizing the vertical industry businesses through their software and services. To cater to the varying needs of its clients, AppFolio, Inc. presented two tiers of property management software. The first, AppFolio Property Manager, is built to aid customers with small to medium size businesses. On the other hand, AppFolio Property Manager PLUS is tailored especially for larger businesses to answer the more complex necessities.

Features: Property managers are more ambitious nowadays. Their hunger to provide the needs of their clients is a priority. Thus, turning to automation and modernization is a must. AppFolio Property Manager makes it easy to achieve the goals and demands of the modern property managers. The platform offers a free demo to test out its compatibility with the needs of a customer. AppFolio looks into the different portfolio types, such as residential, commercial, student housing, and community associations, to determine a tailored solution. For owners, an online portal is readily available for access. This portal will ensure optimized owner communication and management. Also included in AppFolio are various maintenance transactions, marketing, and accounting. A mobile app is also available, making it easy for owners and renters to raise concerns and solve problems at any given time.

5. ResMan Platform and Solutions

ResMan is among the most complete software suite for property management out in the market today. The platform anticipates and understands the various needs of customers as the ResMan platform is designed by property managers who are knowledgeable on the matter. The ResMan Platform and Solutions are categorized into six divisions, namely Multifamily, Affordable, Commercial, Marketing, Engage, and Care. These divisions in the expanded product suite give specific solutions to the specific needs of the customers.

Features: For ResMan Multifamily portfolios, the platform provides an organized system for going about accounting, budgeting, maintenance, and reporting. On the other hand, the ResMan Affordable category is a comprehensive compliance suite that answers the requirement for HUD and low-income housing tax credit properties. Expect confidence in managing any office, retail, and commercial properties with the ResMan Commercial property management software. With this platform, commercial clients can focus on increasing net operating income. ResMan Engage was made to improve the communication amongst staff, residents, tenants, and owners who live and work in a modern and harmonious community. ResMan's services do not stop there. The company expresses concern towards its customers through ResMan Care which is built upon the goal to connect ResMan support staff to the customers. Cloud-availability takes the completeness of the ResMan Expanded Suite up another level, as customers will be able to conveniently work on the platform and render services to their clients without being tied to an office chair.

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