Is Polaroid's New $99 Camera a 2020 Essential?
(Photo : Screenshot From Polaroid Official YouTube Page) Polaroid Now

Capturing moments and making them permanent have been one of the most beautiful innovations! After more than a year of silence, Polaroid Originals finally gives us the OneStep+ by releasing another old-school analogy camera, the Polaroid Now! 

Is Polaroid's New $99 Camera a 2020 Essential?
(Photo : Screenshot From Polaroid Official YouTube Page)
Polaroid Now

What makes this camera so special?

The difference between the new Polaroid Originals compared to other phones is that they have traded the popular dual lenses for an all-new autofocus lens! This strips away some of the current connectivity features like the ones that have made remote selfies possible.

The previous OneStep+ could switch back and forth between two lenses by a single hit of the physical toggle located on the top part of the camera. The Polaroid Now offers to do this feature on its own! The new autofocus system is able to detect subjects sliding in a 35mm or 40mm lens depending on how far the subject actually is.

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Amongst some testers like The Verge, the Polaroid Now was found to be experiencing difficulties in the autofocus system, which cannot always be trusted to select the right subject correctly.


What are the downsides of this camera?

Sadly, the Polaroid Now lacks one of the most convenient and popular selling points which the OneStep+ had. The previous cameras were able to connect to a tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth that would allow the user to take pictures remotely and even select different modes from your device.

The Polaroid Now has lost the connectivity which most users have grown to love and is now offering a new button to substitute. When you press the button once, it performs as a self-timer. When you press the button twice, it then activates the double-exposure mode.

The Polaroid Now's general specifications

According to CNET's explanation, the Polaroid Now is still using a familiar iType film and LED counter on the back that shows the remaining shots in the eight-print pack. With the LED counter, you will avoid wasting films.

Polaroid Originals claim that the battery being used will be able to last for up to 15 packs of film being utilized on a single charge. This battery is also rechargeable via a Micro USB port that makes things much more convenient for users.

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The price of this camera should be $99, which is about $60 less than the OneStep+ and is available in both black and white. Users will also be able to get a red, orange, green, yellow, and even blue for just a limited time.

The Verge claims that the pictures taken from this camera tend to be quite blurry and that the autofocus lens is still not completely reliable. Aside from this, the film takes about 10 to 15 minutes to process, which is quite a long time. 

You will spend $2 per shot. With that, this camera might be quite an expensive learning curve with a few significant drawbacks.

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