Garmin has announced its latest fitness tracker, the Vivofit 2, which doesn't look very different from the older-generation Vivofit. However, there is one big difference between the two fitness trackers. The newer Vivofit 2 serves as the wearer's own personal motivator.

Garmin unveiled the Vivofit 2 at this year's International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) taking place in Las Vegas until Jan. 9.

The fitness tracker, which Garmin touts as designed to be worn 24/7, monitors the wearer's activities and promotes lifelong healthy habits by issuing a gentle nudge every time it thinks it's time for the Vivofit's wearer to get up and get moving.

While the Vivofit 2 will not berate its wearer for living a sedentary lifestyle, the device features a red bar that fills up for each minute the wearer is unmoving. Once the red bar builds up to a level where it's time for the wearer to get up from his chair, the Vivofit 2 issues audible alerts to remind him that it's time to move.

It is said that not moving for long periods of time, such as when one is stuck sitting in an office chair at a day job, reduces the body's ability to burn fat. Research shows that this can be countered by moving around and walking at regular intervals. The visual bar on the Vivofit 2 is reset to level zero once the wearer gets up from his seat and fills up once again the moment he stops moving.

The Vivofit 2's backlit always-on display also shows other metrics, including steps taken and calories burned. The more expensive option also comes incorporated with a heart rate monitor to track the wearer's heart rate and zone data, which are also displayed on the device's screen.

To see a more comprehensive picture, wearers can sync their Vivofit 2 with the Garmin Connect smartphone app, which also gives them access to an online community where they can interact with other fitness enthusiasts and join challenges and earn points for motivation.

Vivofit 2 will be available sometime in the first quarter in four colors: black, white, pink and navy. Garmin has also partnered with designer Jonathan Adler to provide a series of lightweight, colorful accessory bands to provide wearers the option to customize their fitness tracker depending on the occasion. Wearers can also opt to use bands from Garmin's Style Collection, a series of bands made from "premium" materials such as stainless steel and leather.

"Vivofit 2 removes all obstacles holding you back from establishing healthy habits," said Garmin vice president of worldwide sales Dan Bartel. "Designed to be with you 24/7 with features including one-year battery life, audible move bar alert, always-on display with backlight and fashionable band options from Style Collection, Vivofit 2 keeps you motivated wherever you go."

The Vivofit 2 will retail at $130, while the heart rate monitor version will cost more at $170.

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