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If you ever thought about how to advance your business to a whole new level, then NPS feedback is crucial for your businesses. SurveyGizmo has this formula mastered and is now willing to share it with you, and you'd be at a loss if you won't at least give this a try.  

(Photo : Screenshot from Official Facebook Page of SurveyGizmo)

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Why Will It Benefit Your Business?

SurveyGizmo just launched Activated NPS Solution today, which makes it easier more than ever to respond to Net Promoter Score (NPS) feedback immediately and directly. This is to drive higher customer engagement, and the solution is fairly simple. It will give companies what they need to collect and act on feedback to close the loop with customers.

Since most organizations collect NPS scores and customer feedback, but only a few really act on the data they collect. Customer satisfaction data is typically aggregated and viewed in dashboards. The Activated NPS Solution enables businesses to integrate their customer feedback into the systems they already use (such as Salesforce, Slack, and JIRA) so that the right person is notified and can personally respond to the customer. Simple yet very efficient.

Ryan Tamminga, the Vice President of Customer Sucess at SurveyGizmo, said, "If a company waits to analyze trends and make changes, they leave the customer behind. Businesses need to solve the customer's problem quickly to keep them for the long term," which he also added, "In addition to facilitating immediate feedback, the Activated NPS Solution delivers trending data to drive transformation and improve the experience for all customers."

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What is Activated NPS And What Can It Offer?

SurveyGizmo's Activated NPS Solution provides a suite of pre-configured survey questions, integrations, and reports that allow customers to set up, manage, and monitor their company's response to critical customer feedback. One Activated NPS Solution allows organizations such as yours to operationalize feedback by integrating into systems that are used every day in businesses. This is also a neat feature that can be able to streamline what you're doing to the global market as well as make you focus on what's more important by not worrying about the other simple tasks.

SurveyGizmo's Activated NPS Solution includes:

Don't fret since this does not only include SurveyGizmo's Activated NPS Solution but a host of all other features like a pre-configured NPS survey built upon industry-leading practices, executive and operational reports which includes a Tableau dashboard that's built specifically for the Activated NPS Solutions. Integrations with industry-leading CRM, enterprise software, and communications tools. A full-access license, best practices, case management processes, system configuration guides. And so much more! 

SurveyGizmo was founded way back in 2006. They started out putting feedback into the hands of the people who use this power to take action through the systems that they use every day at work. They continued to help customers create feedbacks that are essential for the advancement and growth of their businesses. Now, with more than 15,000 customers, including some of the most trusted brands right now. They collect over a million responses every single day. 

To learn more, call SurveyGizmo at 1.800.609.6480 or visit today.

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