How Modern Tech Shapes a Day in the Life of a Mobile User
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It is believed that around a third of the global population has a mobile device. Bearing this in mind, it is no surprise to see that more and more of our normal daily activities are now being carried out on a mobile basis.

In fact, it is easy to see how the average person can use their mobile device to carry out the most important parts of their day. Take a look at how this modern technology has changed our daily routines and added more flexibility, from the first thing we do when we wake up, to how we work through the day and, ultimately, how we unwind when it's all over.

How Modern Tech Shapes a Day in the Life of a Mobile User
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Start Off the Day with Music and Chat

Turning on the radio used to be the most popular way of waking up to some music and chat shows. Nowadays, you can personalise the early morning listening experience by choosing an online service.

There are thousands of music stations and streaming services available on mobile apps. It was calculated in 2019 that 80% of the music industry's revenue comes from streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

Another option is tune into any of the thousands of podcasts that are available on just about any subject imaginable. There are said to be some 800,000 active podcasts that millions of people listen to every day.

Have a Business Meeting

Virtual business meetings have been possible for a number of years now. However, at first, people had to dial in on a phone call and then had the option of using purpose-built technology that was often housed in their office's meeting rooms.

Now mobile communication apps like Skype, Spike, and Viber give remote workers the chance to connect directly with colleagues using their smartphones and tablets. Instant messaging and group video chat mean that face to face meetings are becoming less commonplace.

Carry Out Your Normal Working Routine

Not every type of job is suitable for mobile working, but an increasing number of them are. Salespeople, designers, call centre staff, and analysts are among the people who can work on a mobile basis.

Graphic designers can choose from a range of comprehensive apps that allow them to create new work wherever they go. They can also use freelance sites and crowdsourcing apps on their phones. Storage sites such as Google Drive and Dropbox let them store everything in the cloud, too.

Another good example of an industry, where someone's working life can be based around mobile tech, is trading. If we look at options trading specifically, we can see that it is possible to speculate on future market prices using nothing but a mobile app to complete the transactions. Not only has technology transformed a previously strictly office-based industry, but created an entirely new sector based on freedom of trade and remote working environments.

How Modern Tech Shapes a Day in the Life of a Mobile User
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Numerous Entertainment Options in the Evening

What better way to finish off the evening than with a relaxing movie? Or perhaps you like to order in some food and watch a big sports event? Another great option is to play some relaxing games or chat with friends who live far away.

However you want to wind up a day of hard work, you can use your mobile device to do so. There are apps available for just about every kind of home entertainment that you can possibly imagine.

The truth is that plenty of people are already living this kind of mobile lifestyle every single day. However, there is little doubt that they will soon be joined by many more who want to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a modern, mobile daily lifestyle. 

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