Fortnite Doomsday is Coming: The Clues So Far
(Photo : Fortnite/Facebook) Fortnite chapter 2, season 2 is about to end. Will there be a doomsday event?

Fortnite chapter 2,season 2 is about to end, and a doomsday event is near, heralding the end of the season. Although we don't know yet what kind of event it will be, data miners have found some clues about the upcoming event.

Fortnite Doomsday is Coming: The Clues So Far
(Photo : Fortnite/Facebook)
Fortnite chapter 2, season 2 is about to end. Will there be a doomsday event?

Fortnite Doomsday Device Leaked

According to a report by Newsweek, data miner FortTory has found clues linking to a "Doomsday Device," which the leaker shared on his Twitter account.

There's also some Doomsday hatches, apparently five in total places around The Agency, and a Doomsday door underwater.

Apparently, the Device had been added on the Fortnite version 12.30 update.

Besides the Doomsday Device, data miners have also successfully dug up the Midas skin trailer, which clearly shows the Device in the background.

With that, fans are quick to speculate that it will likely be Midas who will use the Doomsday Device and annihilate the competition between the five Agents, but the leak is yet to be confirmed.

Based on the report, the Midas trailer should be dropping this Tuesday, April 14, which will confirm whether the leaked intro is indeed the official one.

Countdowns and Hatches

Additionally, data miner and Fortnite leaker FortTory has also found a countdown clock that was hidden somewhere in the latest Fortnite patch, with the code "BPCountdown" that appears a long string of numbers.

It could be the countdown for the Doomsday Device or a different thing entirely.

Nevertheless, the Doomsday Device could be something so big that it would potentially rip the island apart, much like what happened by the end of Fortnite Chapter 1 when everything was sucked into a black hole.

The Device hasn't been introduced to the game yet, but FortTory, along with other Fortnite fans, believes that it will appear in a secret addition to the map, specifically in Midas's room in The Agency.

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Meanwhile, a few speculations surrounding the hatches have also appeared.

Some believe that the hatches will lead back to the original map, but many also think that they will be used to advance the GHOST versus SHADOW storyline.

However, everything is nothing but speculation, and Epic Games did not comment on the leaks.

Changes in the Map

Besides these leaks, many Fortnite players have noticed subtle changes to the map as time passed by, which could signal the Doomsday event or the coming of the end of the season.

According to GameRant, many have noticed that the supplies from the Crash Site have moved and are appearing in the Shadow Safe House. Plus, some players noticed the vines creeping and growing slowly on the Crash Site week by week.

There are also rumors going around the Pleasant Park might be wiped out of the map for good.

As of now, all the fans can do is wait and continue playing Fortnite despite the trending of the hashtag #RIPFortnite on Twitter.

There are still a few things that players can do, such as finishing all of Skye's tasks for Skye's Adventure Part 2 challenges, including finding Skye's Sword in a Stone in high places that we have made a guide for.

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