Summons have always been a massive part of the Final Fantasy franchise, so it's not surprising that it's a key feature in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. But what made it more interesting is that Square Enix has added a few new summons that fans haven't seen before. The thing is, you need to find their specific Summoning Materia.

FFVII Remake Summons
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Cactuar is a DLC summon along with Choco Chick and Carbuncle.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Summons

Unlike with past Final Fantasy games, the summons in Final Fantasy VII Remake are mostly optional, and that they typically come out in some battles, specifically the harder combats. 

Plus, there is a limit to how long each Summon can come out and help Cloud and the gang, and it's not particularly long.

Still, summons are perhaps the most powerful spells and welcome addition, but it can be tough to find them, especially when you're so engrossed in the main FFVII Remake storyline.

Thankfully, GameSpot has created a guide on how to find the summons in the game, including Shiva, Fat Chocobo, the Chocobo and Moogle, Leviathan, and even Chadley's secret summon, among others.


The Ifrit summoning Materia will be given to Cloud for free in the first few hours of the game (by free, we mean you don't have to buy it, but you do need to do some task for Jessie).

As any Final Fantasy fans would know, Ifrit is a fire monster and a great ally in battle.

Chocobo and Moogle

The Chocobo and Moogle are a staple in the Final Fantasy universe, but they are typically non-playable characters that will help you in some parts of the game.

This time, these two adorable creatures can be used to help Cloud and the gang in combat.

The summoning Materia for them will be available in Chapter 6, which will be pointed out by Tifa. But unless you haven't powered down two of the three sunlamps, you won't be able to access it.

The Chocobo and Moogle combo is an excellent summon for tough enemies that are weak against Wind attacks (be sure to use your Assess ability, as we've previously laid down to make combats easier).


FFVII Remake Summons
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Shiva is an Ice summon weak to Fire attacks.

The Shiva summoning Materia can be acquired from Chadley in Chapter 8. But before getting the Materia, Chadley will have you try out a simulation, pitting you against Shiva.

For this combat, it's best to bring Aerith along and give her the most powerful Fire Materia, which Shiva is weak against as she is an Ice summon. You can also use Ifrit to deal with some massive damages.

Nevertheless, Shiva will become more aggressive and will cast more spells once you've done enough damage, so make sure to pack some potions or have a healing Materia to keep the party alive, especially Aerith.

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Fat Chocobo

The Fat Chocobo summoning Materia can also be acquired from Chadley, which means you also have to fight the big guy in a simulation. 

The Materia will be available in Chapter 9.


Check on Chadley during Chapter 14 to get the Leviathan summoning Materia, but be prepared as you have to battle it again in a VR simulation to acquire it.

FFVII Remake Summons
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Leviathan can be acquired through Chadley.

Leviathan would be weak against Lightning attacks, so be sure you equip strong Lightning Materia to access Thundara or Thundaga. Additionally, have Barrett aim at its head while Cloud and Tifa focus on the Dorsal Fin.

Chadley's Secret Summon

Chadley will have another summoning Materia that you can get after Leviathan, but it's difficult to acquire since you need to finish all of his Battle Intel objectives to have a chance to fight the summon in a simulation.

Nevertheless, the secret summon is the strongest and definitely worth getting.

For those who are long-time Final Fantasy fans, yes, it's Bahamut.

Completing all of the Battle Intel objectives can take some time, but most of them can be completed by simply following the story and engaging in combat as much as possible.

Besides completing all 19 of the Battle Intel objectives, fighting Bahamut is incredibly hard, especially with its Mega Flare attack that could deal massive damage and could potentially wipe out the party.

You'll know it will use the attack when it starts counting down. As much as possible, you'll want to stop it from using the attack.

Additionally, focus on amping up your defense and attack, so make sure that you equip weapons and accessories with high attacks and defense. It's also good to have any Materia that can provide excellent protection.

DLC Summons

For those who purchased the Final Fantasy VII Remake Digital Deluxe edition, you can upgrade your copy for just $20 to acquire the DLC summons: Carbuncle, Cactuar, and Choco Chick.

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