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Visa is upping its game on security systems to make online payments tougher to crack by hackers and other deviants. With the new update on their systems, say goodbye to fraudulent activities, and say hello to a life of online payments made easy with Visa Secure. 

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What Should You Know Visa Has Done To Their System

Visa, one of the major players in online currency, has introduced Visa Secure, which was previously known as Verified by Visa. Visa Secure now has an updated program that helps make online payments more secure. 

It's now available all over central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa's CEMEA regions. Visa Secure provides new rules and policies for merchants, and also issues banks have to follow in order to authenticate eCommerce transactions as well as verify the card holder's identity before a purchase can be completed. 

Visa Secure also uses the latest in EMV 3-D Secure or 3DS specifications, which is the new and approved industry-wide messaging protocol designed to promote effortless consumer authentication. The 3DS also enables consumers to be able to verify their identity by issuing bank or other entity(issuer) when making card-not-present or CNP eCommerce or online payments.

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Important Things to Note And Why You Should Be Thankful

Visa Secure has been designed to keep miscreants like hackers and deviants to be able to access your information and use your card for their own misguided uses. The fraud protection is top-notch, plus it minimizes cardholder friction and, more importantly, increases the completion of sales transactions with your Visa card.

Also, in addition to what Visa Secure can do, it benefits consumers as well, which is a definite plus. In terms of transactions to be as smooth as possible and not to mention a consistent user experience across many payment channels. Examples of these are mobile web, in-app purchases, digital wallet payments, and so forth-all with the added comfort and no compromise whatsoever in security. 

Visa's General Manager in the UAE Shahebaz Khan said, "Visa has been helping online merchants and issuers identify potentially fraudulent transactions with 3DS for nearly 20 years. eCommerce in the UAE is growing rapidly. Consumers expect always-on connectivity with mobile devices and rely on retailers to provide payment experience both secure and frictionless,"

Khan also added, "That is where the new Visa Secure program comes into effect. Visa Secure offers significant enhancements in eCommerce fraud detection capabilities for issuers and merchants and can reduce friction for cardholders at checkout."

With the all-new system Visa Secure provides, online shopping will be most probably the new norm, especially in a world where people are more conscious of hygiene, now more than ever before due to the fear of COVID-19. 

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