summer events refund
(Photo : Pixabay) Several events, attractions, and theme parks are closed or canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.
summer events refund
(Photo : Pixabay) Disney theme parks are currently closed until further notice.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to the cancellation of various events that were supposed to happen this summer--and although it's still a couple of months away and people don't know what will happen, these events have decided to postpone events indefinitely to avoid the further spread of COVID-19. 

summer events refund
(Photo : Pixabay)
Several events, attractions, and theme parks are closed or canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Nevertheless, this led many people to hang on to tickets for now to various events such as the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), Broadway shows, or even tickets and reservations for attractions like Six Flags and Disney theme parks.

But what many don't know is that these tickets could be refunded.

Thanks to Lifehacker, some events, parks, and attractions allow refunding and how you can do that.

Disney Theme Parks

All Walt Disney theme parks are closed indefinitely until further notice. For those who have tickets, whether multi-day tickets or date-specific ones that haven't yet expired before their closure could still use them until Dec. 15.

Nevertheless, tickets for shows, including Disney H20 Glow Nights, Disney After Hours, Disney Early Morning Magic, or Disney Villains After Hours, should automatically receive a refund.

On the other hand, annual passes that were already paid in full will be extended depending on how many days the park was closed and that the new expiration date should be sent on your online account before the park reopens.

However, you can choose a partial refund by calling pass holder support, but the company already warns its clients of long queues due to the high volume of calls.

For monthly payments made for annual passes, the Mar. 14 to Apr. 4 payments should be refunded by now.

summer events refund
(Photo : Pixabay)
Several events, attractions, and theme parks are closed or canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Broadway and Off-Broadway productions are currently postponed and should be back on Jun. 7. For those who purchased a ticket from Mar. 12 to Apr. 12 should have acquired a refund by now.

Telecharge should have also sent their customers an email regarding the instructions on how they can get a refund or an exchange. There are no transactions via phone calls as their call center is closed, and everything is done through emailing them.

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Six Flags

Season pass holders could either choose to pause their membership until the parks open, or they could enjoy a day of admission for the 2021 season for every day that they are close for the 2020 season.

There are also other perks, including free bonus-friend days.

Meanwhile, those who hold a one-day admission ticket could use it until December 2020 if the park opens before the year ends.

Universal Studios

Those who are paying for a season pass each month will see that the payments have been paused while the theme park is closed. Those who have already paid full will be extended for the number of days the park is closed.

Meanwhile, those who bought tickets from Mar. 14 to May 31 will have an extension until Dec. 18. VIP holders could call the park for rescheduling.

Otherwise, the website does not include any options for refunds.

San Diego Comic-Con

SDCC is canceled for the first time in 50 years, but badge holders could either get a refund or could choose to push their badge for next year's convention.

Nevertheless, requests for refunds should be made before Jul. 1 as after the date. Any other requests will not be honored and, instead, will be automatically pushed for use next year.

Burning Man

The Burning Man festival has also been canceled and moved virtually. But if you wish a refund, you're given an option to either get a partial or full refund.

For those who choose the partial refund, the remainder of your money will be donated to the Burning Man Project. You can also choose to give the full value of your tickets to the project.

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