Best PST Recovery Software - Stellar Repair for Outlook Product Review
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As we have tested the software, we understand that businesses operating at optimal consistency has always been a challenge. Even more so when it comes with an Email client like MS Outlook which plays an important role in your business continuity, especially when business transactions are completed via email communication. Here, when your outlook PST file goes corrupt, it puts everything to a halt. When moments like this come by, you cannot compromise your PST file in any way when dealing with its maintenance or repair .

In this case, you would probably google around to find the most experienced and recommended tool like Stellar Repair for Outlook. So here's what we have found.

It's good to have Stellar Repair for Outlook as a backup. This recovery tool has a 100% integrity in saving and extracting mailbox information from your corrupted PST files. Overall, this tool removes your worries over mailbox data loss, making Stellar Repair for Outlook worthy of a perfect score.

When do you need Stellar Repair for Outlook? Count on Stellar Repair for Outlook every time your PST files get corrupt, when your PST file gets too big, once Outlook shows some signs of performance trouble, or when Outlook turns up a data file error.


Large Size PST Recovery. Stellar Repair for Outlook is capable of recovering small or large files. This PST repair tool proves to be the crowd favourite as it yields a 100% precision in reconstructing mailbox data. Users vouch for the latest version which has an advanced scan engine capable of parsing even the severely corrupted PST files. Even more convincing is the recovery tool's capability to repair password-protected PST files, without having to use the password. 

Recover Deleted Mailbox Items. Here's the Solution. One of the most important features of Stellar Repair for Outlook is the capability to recover already deleted mailbox items. Many of the users have been faced with the problem to recover their deleted items, not just once but several times. Stellar Repair for Outlook solves this problem easily.

Powerful Engine: Fast and Easy Recovery. This software has a powerful algorithm which has the capability to repair any level of corruption with ease and one of the keystones that users are looking for is the capability of the recovery tool to provide an instant email recovery solution. With Stellar Repair for Outlook, fixing corrupt PST files and restoring mailbox data can be done in three easy steps ‒ Select, Scan & Preview, and Save the Recovered Data. To better assist the users, Stellar has detailed these steps with screenshots included in their website.

Saving File OptionsStellar Repair for Outlook can export mailbox data in several formats including PST, EML, MSG, RTF, HTML, and PDF formats. Users find this feature very convenient as it allows for the portability of files. Users can also save the recovered file in any preferred location, including the user's internal system storage, external hard drive, and network storage.

Technician Edition. Stellar's Technician Edition of its Repair tool for Outlook is made especially for the advanced users. With this edition, advanced users will be able to optimize Outlook performance by either compacting or splitting large-sized PST files. This, in turn, improves Outlook's manageability and reduces the chances of corruption. Another treat for Technician Edition users is the option to directly export the recovered mailbox data to Office 365.

Other Features. Stellar Repair for Outlook has a long list of features that users will surely benefit from. This includes a new and enhanced GUI, deleted items are displayed in red and users have the option to view it, 3-view format for messages, selective recovery, enhanced preview feature for calendars, tasks, journals, and contacts, and the option to arrange scanned emails and messages according to a variable (date, size, and others.) 


As we have tested the product, our personal experience has proven that the tool has stood by our high expectations. At the same time, our research has shown that websites and forums are saturated with genuine customers' feedback. Customers have only nice things to say about Stellar Repair for Outlook. Giving the recovery tool a perfect score in reviews, users recount experiences such as having to recover a very old PST file, having to deal with a large amount of data, and having to recover severely damaged mailbox data. Stellar Repair for Outlook has solved all these problems with ease. This led to a high satisfaction rate from its users.

The Bonus

Stellar released a free demo for Stellar Repair for Outlook so that new users can dip their toes and test the waters first. This means you can preview all your repaired files for free before swiping your card. The free demo is readily available on Stellar's website with a 30-day Money back guarantee. On the other hand, for those who need guidance in using the PST recovery tool, and for those with questions, Stellar has a comprehensive customer service that stretches from FAQ's, knowledge-based inquiries, ticket submissions, and of course, call-in support. In addition, the user guide or manual is readily available for the users of Stellar Repair for Outlook. The recovery tool's manual is complete with step-by-step guides and labelled screenshots to better extend assistance to the users even without having to call customer service.

The Score

As per our experience while we were testing the product, its powerful engine, dealing with large corrupt files shows its tolerance and easily repairs while keeping the data intact, concludes its 100% integrity. Right from the beginning when the recovery tool boasted of its 100% integrity in recovering mailbox data, and what has been said in software reviews, all prove that scores stand correct. Delving into its many notable features only gives more reason why Stellar Repair for Outlook deserves a perfect score. While many recovery tools in the market can offer a couple of Stellar's options, only Stellar Repair for Outlook has the complete package. As the recovery tool is already complete, the creators of Stellar Repair for Outlook even take it further with their customer care and assistance. Other than the free trial and the 24/7 phone support, illustrated guides for installing, operating, and troubleshooting are also available on their website. For all these, Stellar Repair for Outlook gets a near perfect score.

So here we give 4.5/5 counting on its performance.

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