Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto 5 was recently made free, thanks to Epic Games Store, but although it was a good move for people who wanted to get GTA 5, hackers were able to come back to GTA Online in full force.

GTA Online Hackers and Modders are Back

According to a report by VG247, there have been tons of hackers and modders lately in the online multiplayer version of the infamous action game due to Epic Games Store giving away the game for free.

But how did this come to be?

Rockstar Games has always had a problem with hackers and modders in the game as they can essentially ruin every players' day, especially as their modding and hacking goes way beyond wallhacking and aimbotting.

Before the game was launched for free on the Epic Games Store, hackers and modders will be banned from the game, so they have to create a new account.

Since the game is free for a limited time, these people have little to no fear wreaking havoc, creating mechs out of tanks and exploiting old cheats that could mess with the single-player option of GTA 5 to anyone who is connected to Rockstar's servers.

Hackers and modders can simply create a new account and get a new copy of the game without spending some money.

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Wreaking Havoc Online

According to Kotaku, the weekend had been littered with these people, and since the game was made free last week, it's a surprise that you can even get in at all.

Because of that, players have seemingly grown tired of the game due to the massive influx of hackers and modders, with many taking their frustrations online and showing their disappointment to Rockstar for handling the situation.

Hackers and modders have long been a problem on GTA Online, but developers haven't created a better anti-cheat protection.

Nevertheless, many believe that if the free giveaway ends, the modders and hackers will eventually go away as Rockstar will yet again begin banning them, and since they can't get a free copy anymore, many will likely lay low.

Epic Games Store's Partial Refund

In other news, Epic Games Store is apparently offering partial refunds now But here is a catch.

Kotaku reported that the refund would happen if a player orders a game that went on sale a few days later, as with the case of Joshua Boggs, the founder of Studio Mayday.

Boggs took to Twitter to show his surprise when he received an email from the storefront, saying that it is giving him a partial refund for the difference of a game he purchased a few days before that went on sale.

Nevertheless, this isn't really a new thing as Epic Games Store has long been encouraging its users to refund and re-purchase games that were discounted post-purchase.

Users can check the store's official refund policy to know whether they are able to return a game and get a refund for their case as well as how to get a refund and what type of products they can return.

The news outlet reached out to the store for further comment but was unable to hear back from them.

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