A member of Spain's Paralympic Swimming team was forced to out-sprint two sharks after this frightening experience of a Costa beach.

After hearing his mother shouting off the shoreline, Ariel Schrenck went up a gear when she spotted two tell-tale fins and saw the animals heading in his direction.

The scene happened on the Costa Brava, off Sant Pol beach, a short drive from the popular Lloret de Mar resort.

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Here's what happened

The Spaniard, who has only one arm, managed to swim to the beach and later opened up on the frightening calamity.

At the moment, Ariel, who was part of the Spanish team that took part in the World Para Swimming Allianz Championships in London last year, was training.

He is part of the B-Swim team in Spain and has also been a member of the London 2019 World Para Swimming Allianz Championships squad.

The Sun reported the sharks had been less than 300 feet from him when beachgoers, including his parents, spotted them.

Incredible scare video shows Ariel speeding up in the water to hit rocks until they reached him.

The 19-year-old is still struggling to get back to top form after weeks of being unable to use a pool or go to sea due to the coronavirus lockout, DailyMail reported.

Ariel told a Spanish television interviewer: "I stopped for a second to get my breath back when I saw my mum shouting like a madwoman." He added he felt terrible panic at that moment and began to swim like mad. "I think it's the fastest 100 meters I've ever done," he added. Ariel's mum Carolina Martinez told Spanish broadcaster La Sexta she focused on yelling at him to make him get out of the water.

Sharks are not usually seen on that beach in Catalonia's north-eastern area-with Schrenck unhappily facing such a frightening storm. The scene occurred a day after a giant shark swimming off a beach on the Costa Tropical, in southern Spain, was released by police.

The animal was filmed on Saturday from a Civil Guard boat off La Mamola beach, which they confirmed was more than 26 feet long. Police reported that it was a basking shark and cautioned kayakers and other fans of marine sports not to approach it, despite being identified as non-aggressive to humans.

A previous sighting of a smaller shark took place on May 3 near the 20-minute drive east of the town of Calahonda was spotted. The Ariel out-swam sharks are thought to be tintoreras or blue sharks. In the past, they were seen off beaches like Cala Domingos in Mallorca and Fuengirola's Costa del Sol resort.

The same shark type was blamed in July 2016 for an assault on a holidaymaker at Elche near Alicante. The 40-year-old man has been rushed to the hospital and given a cut in his hand with stitches. The scene was reminiscent of the recent terrifying video in which a shark can be seen approaching a kayaker off the California coast.

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