Update: 11 people died on the crash

CNN reported an update on the plane crash. At least 11 people have been found killed by the plane crash that happened in Pakistan. 

Authorities have not yet identified whether the casualties found were from the plane or the residential area.

Some witnesses from the incident said that the plane circled three times before it evidently crashed into several houses. 

Since the pilot reported that there could be a technical fault that happened on the plane, the protocol of finding a safer landing spot for the aircraft might be what the pilot was doing. 

However, he seemed lost all control during the incident and landed on the houses. 

"The rules of flying in an emergency are first you aviate, then you navigate, then you communicate," says Greg Waldron, Asia managing editor at Flight Global in an interview given to BBC.

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A Pakistani plane, carrying over 100 on-board, has recently crashed in a residential area. Pictures and videos of the crash site were already circulating online. It was not yet clear whether there were casualties due to the incident.

Over 100 passengers on-board inside a Pakistani plane crashes in residential area

Daily Mail UK currently reported a horrifying incident that happened in the residential area at one of the provinces in the country, Karachi. 

A passenger plane called Airbus A320 of Pakistan International Airlines was crashed around the said place. The plane was reportedly carrying 99 passengers and eight crew from the airlines, with a total of 107 people. It was said to be flying from Lahore to Jinnah International Airport, which is one of Pakistan's busiest airports. 

"The plane crashed in Karachi. We are trying to confirm the number of passengers, but initially, it is 99 passengers and eight crew members," said Abdul Sattar Khokhar, the spokesman for Pakistan's aviation authority. 

The emergency team already arrived at the scene to help the possible casualties and victims of the crash. The authorities haven't yet announced whether there were casualties or injured persons due to the accident. "Saying anything right now would be premature. Our crew is trained to handle emergency landings. All my prayers are with the families. We will continue to provide information in a transparent manner," said Abdullah Hafeez, PIA spokesperson.

The plane was supposed to land at Jinnah, but reportedly landed too early near Model Colony, a neighborhood of Karachi about 3.2km (two miles) from the airport. 

Pilot reports technical fault minutes after crash

Minutes after the plane was crashed in the residential area, the pilot inside the plane reported technical faults. The air traffic control said that both runways of the landing airport were available at the time. However, the direction of the plane suddenly changed.  

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