Gamers, lister! There are game updates from beloved games like Metroid Prime Trilogy, Overwatch, and Pokemon Go! Good news is coming as multiple reports say there will be new content that improves the gaming platform. 

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Metroid Prime Coming to Switch?

The rumor that the beloved trilogy would be coming over to Switch says that it would be coming on June 19. This is all because of the Swedish retailer called Inet, The idea of one of the greatest games of all time and not to mention the trilogy has excited fans who already have the beloved console and are eagerly awaiting its arrival.

It's not uncommon for Metroid Prime to go over to Switch because it always has been a console game and porting top-tier games is the way Nintendo has been going for them given how good the console's specs are, albeit, smaller than the rest of its cousins the PS4, and Xbox.

The rumor has already been floating on the internet since last year, and interestingly enough, it came from the same Swedish retailer that leaked the information of the trilogy coming over once again.

Overwatch Widowmaker Gets Spider Legs!

The spider legs mod was made by Therister and is based on an actual spider, with enormous legs, which lets you crawl up walls and leap like never before. The video was posted on YouTube and had since then got up to 2,400 views and counting since it was released.

Widowmaker has always been a fan favorite of the game given her natural agility and power to one-shot enemies given if it's a headshot. That's because of her fame that people like Therister tweaked her out to be more like the spider she is, and with the mod, she looks as terrorizing as ever.

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Pokemon Go Success on Seedot Community Day

Before, during, and after the Seedot Community Day has passed, the anticipation of it was immense, as well as the talks about the event more than what the developers could ever hope for. All in all, you could say it was nothing short of amazing.

Pokemon Go players enjoyed the event wholeheartedly by sharing their massive winnings of Shiny Seedots on social media platforms that instantly took it by storm. The acorn Pokemon wasn't a favorite for most players, but it didn't seem to bother the players during the event.

Niantic was generous enough to allow players to vote on which would be the next Community Day Pokemon it would be, which looks like Bug-type Weedle is going to be the obvious choice of all. So all we can do now is wait and see which of the Community Day Pokemon would be the most successful in the coming weeks.

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