DOTA 2's The International Battle Pass 10 is bringing back the Skeleton King. However, you will have to pay to get this undead hero.

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Details of Battle Pass 10

DOTA 2 is one of the major players in the MOBA genre and doesn't seem to be running out of steam anytime soon with the announcement of the Battle Pass 10. The Battle Pass is another exciting edition for Dota players to enjoy the MOBA with brand new skins, personas, and more!

Besides what was already mentioned, more diversions can be made like Guilds, Battle Gauntlets, Bounties, and three new Arcana items. If you think that's all there is in this battle pass, you are greatly underestimating what other content it can bring to your base game of DOTA 2.

Be amazed by the trio of Immortal Treasures that offer shiny new cosmetics to use. For starters, the new snazzy-looking skins for Tinker, Night Stalker, Warlock, Lifestealer, Keeper of the Light, and Medusa last but not least. Even rarer cosmetics would be available for Puck as well as an ultra-rare weapon for everyone's favorite hook-loving hero, Pudge. Golden variants of Lifestealer and Night Stalker can also be rewarded for you.

A new stomping ground for all to explore, which is the Sanctums of the Divine! It consists of all white pillars and butterflies on the Radiant side, and on the Dire side, there are more blackish rock and withered trees, which still has the same appeal.

Not to mention that the Living Towers are making a comeback as well as leveling up along with your team's Battle Pass. New music pack as well as a cute cat-like evolving courier, an all-new announcer pack, various effects, tweaks, and river vials.

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Wait, There's More!

As mentioned, there will be all-new additions to the game. Let's start with the Guilds first. Anyone can join as long as an owner of Battle Pass creates them. This would allow you to have daily contracts that offer rewards like Battle Points for you and your Guild Points for your guild. Weekly challenges are also present, and the Guilds can offer unique rewards like Battle Pass bonuses, guild banners, bonus challenges, emoticons, and so much more!

The Sideshop is also new this year, which you can get from the Battle Pass rewards, Guild rewards, or simply recycling items. Like Dota Underlods, you can use gold to buy heroes, three of them can upgrade into a higher tier hero. After this, you sell those heroes, and you will be able to redeem the gems you earn for rewards like Immortal Treasures or Arcana Items.

The Battle Gauntlet is a mini-tournament which costs a daily ticket which you can get from the Battle Pass or can buy through the Sideshop to enter. If you're able to win three matches before losing two, you rank up, earn Battle Points as well as Sideshop gold, and have a higher rank.

This year's Battle Pass offers one of the best additions to the game so far, and all of the information regarding Dota 2's Battle Pass 10 can be found here.

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