A popular grandmother who plays Skyrim takes a break from the game to destress from internet trolls plaguing her from time to time.

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Skyrim Grandma Takes A Break

Skyrim Grandma, or Shirley Curry, is one of the purest, most genuine, and most balanced video game streamers in the country. It's completely devastating to know that she's decided to produce a new video, especially about strangers that can't avoid frustrating her.

"I know I shouldn't let these things stress me out, but they do," she says. "From now on, I will respond to very, very few comments. I will be deleting a lot of comments."

She posted a video earlier this month but has only gained momentum over the weekend. She explains that she is tired of continually getting negative comments from people who do nothing but hurt her feelings or irritate her.

The main point to remember here is that she's not trying to think about overtly offensive remarks. Instead, they're mostly comments where some people believe they are helpful. Instead, they are perhaps under the impression that the world needs to hear what they have to say, they're contributing to a swarm of noise that can be anything from tiring too, in this case, really upsetting.

Types of Verbal Abuse Grandma Curry Receives

Curry receives messages or comments saying that she's not playing the game as optimal as possible, or first, she needs to play like the rest of the players and not her way. Worst is that she should be playing a different game altogether are getting on her nerves, which is not good for a woman of her age.

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Regarding the games she can or can't play, she says, "I don't have to be reminded and told all the time" and adds to this in saying, "I look at all the games, I'm a gamer, if I wanted to play them I would be playing them, I don't have to explain myself." Her response alone shows that she's a gamer by heart, and no matter what internet trolls say, that fact won't change.

Curry is also tired of explaining why she plays Skyrim, which is because of the game's immersion or roleplay. Not to do speedruns, attain max levels to brush past dragons to and fro but says that she has "much more fun when I'm just playing by myself."

Another Reason for Her Hiatus

Despite Curry's large following on YouTube, which has over 829,000 subscribers, she only gets five to eight thousand views, and from those who watch only stays for about five minutes on average. Her videos often go from 30-50 minutes long, which has her stressing out even more, and she says, "I'm wasting my time, and it's stressing me out" since she's telling her stories from her roleplaying and feels that nobody listens or watches.

"I'm trying to get my health under control, I'm not trying to be cranky."

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