Instagram's augmented reality filters are getting an upgrade with Facebook's latest Spark AR platform. Spark AR has been consistent when it comes to its feature updates which developers can use when creating AR filters. It was released from the closed beta program on Instagram last year. 

(Photo : Screenshot from: Spark AR Creators Official Facebook Page)

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Instagram updates its augmented reality filters with 'Spark AR' featuring AR Music, AR Stickers and more 

Facebook has recently added a new functionality to Instagram which will allow creators to make more complex and better filters for users to play and interact with. Creators can now make these filters that would respond visually to effects and music that they can apply to media from their camera roll. Aside from this, Facebook has also added AR Sticker templates that allows creators to customize filters quickly.

Facebook wrote in a blogpost, "We recently rolled out several exciting new Spark AR features and capabilities, and today we're introducing more with the release of version 89 of Spark AR Studio. Together, these updates help simplify and ease AR creation, and they open up new creative possibilities for AR experiences on Instagram. Of course, the success and growth of Spark AR wouldn't be possible without the contributions and inspiration we find in our creator community - for this, you have our sincere thanks!"

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Unlock creativity with Music, Filters, Effects and more

Facebook has expanded their AR capabilities with music, as well. Creators can now make AR effects that respond to music and they can also use their own legally licensed music files or even let other people choose a song they like from thousands of free tracks in the platform's music library. This is a logical step for Instagram as it brings equalizer-style effects into filters.

According to Tech Crunch, "Bringing gallery selection tools to Instagram's filters allow users to spin new AR effects on previously captured photos or video. With Media Library, one can easily grab an old photo or video and toss a filter on it, with Gallery Picker, users can transform a visual filter with media from their gallery, allowing for a level of customization that could promote more consistent usage of singular filters among users." 

When it comes to the stickers, the company released new ones to ease AR creation. After last year's introduction to Spark AR Studio templates, they have continued to add templates for 2D and 3D stickers which will help users create AR effects using plane tracking. This uses Instagram's Native UI Picker to give everyone more options.

Other features include Effects Stories to help creators get better visibility. Plus, there's a new Effect Gallery to showcase all AR creations. Spark AR update is now available for download.

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