Every Fortnite player is extremely excited for the upcoming Doomsday event and the commencement of season 3, but in an unexpected turn of events, both the Doomsday event and the next season is delayed for another week.

Fortnite Doomsday Event is Delayed

According to The Verge, the end-of-season live event will take place on June 6, starting at 2:00 p.m. ET.

Epic Games have started teasing the Doomsday event known as "The Device," last week, with the countdown timers on the mysterious underwater hatches around The Agency started ticking down and supposedly stopping this May 30.

Nevertheless, the delay happened, and so players have yet another week to complete any Battle Pass missions they haven't finished yet to get the GHOST or SHADOW skins of the five Agents featured in this season.

With the delay of the end-of-season event, season 3 will also be pushed back another week, meaning it will now launch on June 11.

This is the second time the third season is delayed.

Initially, Fortnite's Chapter 2, Season 2 should have ended in the last week of April, but with reasons unknown, Epic Games announced they'll be moving the launch to June 4.

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No Reason Given

The Doomsday event, which would have happened this week, would have finally revealed what would happen to the Fortnite island and prove whether the widespread speculation that the map will be flooded is indeed true.

As with the first time, the developers did not offer any reason behind the delay, although many believe it has something to do with the COVID-19 pandemic that forced every company to implement a work-from-home scheme for their employees.

The creative director of Epic Games, Donald Mustard, has revealed that the studio has more than 1000 people currently working from home.

Forbes believes that the flooding or whatever will happen during the Doomsday event might be more technically demanding, and it could be hard for the devs to work on it because of the work-from-home setup.

Record-Breaking In-Game Events

Nevertheless, Epic Games was able to launch a record-breaking in-game event during the delay, starring musician Travis Scott during the debut of his new single.

The Astronomical event has gathered millions of Fortnite players all at the same time to become one of the game's most historical live events apart from Marshmello's in-game concert and the Blackhole event that ended Chapter 1.

Fans also had the chance to witness a Diplo concert as well as the launch of a Christopher Nolan movie entitled Tenet.

As of now, the countdown is still ticking and will end this Saturday, May 30.

However, some believe it will be fixed as soon as possible to stop any confusion for the millions of Fortnite players who are awaiting the next massive in-game event.

Since we have another week until the end of the season, fans can continue playing Match modes, finish unfinished missions, get exclusive skins, wraps, and weapons, and enjoy Party Mode.

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