Fortnite is selling its rarest skin, the Recon Expert for some players. If you are the lucky ones, get it now! 

Why now?

The Fortnite community has been freaking out amidst the news of what happened in the early hours of the morning. Epic usually rotates its in-game store content with new things to buy during night time. For some odd reason, they changed it in the morning instead.

What's even more peculiar is that one of the items in the "Featured" tab showed the rarest skin in the game, Recon Expert. For only two minutes, players were able to purchase and acquire this skin. Then, after that, it was removed. Some players were not able to get it and ended in the middle of the purchase, so unfortunate.

Something went amuck within the game because some players already have the Recon Expert skin in the story and will continue to have it as an option for purchase for a full 12 hours, given that you have the 1,200 V-Bucks ready to acquire the rarest skin in the game.

What's all the commotion regarding Recon Expert?

This skin is ancient, and it was issued when Fortnite was still growing up; as compared to now, you could say Fortnite is a fully mature adult with millions of players logging in daily. The item has become a novelty and wasn't trendy way back when, but now, it's the one people would want to get given the rarity of the costume being in the game. Read More: Gore Galore! Here's How You Can Perform All-New Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath Fatalities  Recon Expert is a skin that shows a slightly militaristic-looking woman with a hat; it looks like the default skin you get to mess with if you haven't bought any costumes and just really go free-to-play. It was only able to achieve legendary status among the community because it was never sold again for years, so only the original gamers of Fortnite had it.

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Recon Expert in the store was already planned ahead

Data miners were able to find that Epic had a "new style" coming in the store this week, which meant the reissue was coming. Like Skull Trooper, which came before Recon Expert, it's just a way of Epic monetizing skins that are rare or mythical as some would call it given that only the OG's had the skin.

The Recon Expert's status won't be as legendary anymore since players could now choose to purchase the skin for $10 if they so wanted. Again, it might just be Epic trying to get a few more millions from the rarity of the skin alone.

So what about you? Do you already have the Recon Expert skin, or are you planning to buy it? Or would you wait to spend it on something else, given that the skin is pretty much as basic as it looks compared to other more exciting skins Fortnite has within the game?

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