A Chinese couple living in a small province of Rui'an in eastern China recently went trending on a popular app, TikTok. The couple receives millions of views from their video of dancing in a farm field. However, their dance steps are not just made for fun but are said to treat mental depression

[VIRAL] How to solve depression? This Chinese couple finds a way

Can simple dance steps heal a person's mental health problem, especially amid Coronavirus lockdown? It may. 

CGTN reported a Chinese couple named Fan Deduo and wife Peng Xiaoying has recently gone viral on one of the most popular video-sharing platforms today, TikTok. 

Most of their videos were seen dancing at a farm field with full smiles. All of their dance steps were originally choreographed by the couple and are based on day-to-day fieldwork or childhood movements.

The dance steps include simple combing of hair, carrying a load, or even imitating a duck walking. They claim that these steps help them relive depression or any mental health problem. 

How did this start?

Several years ago, husband Deduo was injured in a traffic accident. Since then, he experienced depression and trauma and led him to stop working for a while.

To make sure the family doesn't wake up to poverty, his wife Xiaoying shouldered the family's expenses and burden from her husband's accident.

Xiaoying, however, discovered the 'shuffle dancing' and began practicing the dance movements in the field. Eventually, she also let her husband join the choreography to let him be distracted from depression and anxiety from the accident. 

At first, Deduo was hesitant to dance his troubles away but soon fell in love with it. Since then, the couple continues to dance at a farm field and let their neighbors do the same thing. 

The couple now goes viral on TikTok

Deduo and Xiaoying continued to post dance choreograph on their TikTok account. Now their fanbase reached 1.2 million users and earned more than 10 million likes on the platform.

Fans of the dancing couple continue to praise them for posting the dances. Especially now that depression and mental health problems have now increased in cases around the world. 

"Without dazzling lights and magnificent stages, you two are still gorgeous," said Tik Tok user @aipincaihuiying.

"Whether you live in an urban or rural area, wealthy or poor, as long as you live happily, you are happy," said another Tik Tok user @shishiruyi.

Depression amid lockdown

On May 29, Tech Times reported about a 12-year-old kid from Texas that committed suicide after being locked up due to Coronavirus lockdown. 

His father blamed the government lockdown and said that his kid might survive if only he can go outside and play with his friends. 

He also advises parents to stay updated with their children due to the leading cause of death like depression. 

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