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(Photo : REUTERS/Dado Ruvic) A person holds a smartphone as Tik Tok logo is displayed behind in this picture illustration taken November 7, 2019. Picture taken November 7, 2019.

Music, arts, and pop culture unites us. Don't let hate divide us. Black people's fight is also people of color's fight! TikTok, one of the leading social media sites of this generation, is now observing Blackout Tuesday. 

Yes, TikTok is standing in solidarity with the black community of artists, creators, and the music industry to fight against the horrendous recurrence of injustice in the long fight against inequality, racism, and violence. 

TikTok, a Happy Place

TikTok was created to bring joy and inspiration. With the playfulness of its creators who've brought dance challenges, funny performances, creative memes, and delightfully unique moments, the community becomes a happy place. However, its system is not perfect. 

In order to keep the community safe, human moderators must remove content that violates these guidelines. It may not be enough, and users can make changes by flagging content that you think violates the standards, the company promises to take appropriate action. 

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Here's what to expect on TikTok in entire June.


To pay respect for the movement, there will be no playlists or campaigns on TikTok's Sounds page. More than decades, Black music, artists, and creators have influenced pop culture up until this day. We have praised many Black artists for their talents and undeniable skills in sports. But why is racism still exist?

TikTok is a platform and community where Black music thrives, talent is discovered, and creativity flourishes. On June 2, the social media platform donated $3 million from its Community Relief Fund to non-profits that help the Black community that has been disproportionately affected by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Besides, the company vows another $1 million toward fighting racial injustice and inequality in this country. For the company, this is just a first step, and they will develop ongoing efforts in this space as we work to support underrepresented groups as a whole.

As Black Music Month kicks off, expect there will be special programming to celebrate and highlight Black artists' contributions to popular and trending music on our platform. 

TikTok is inviting everyone to celebrate #BlackMusic. Expect in the entire month of June, Black music will be amplified on the platform.

TikTokers, join TikTok support the Black community of artists and creators! Help them continue bringing new music, shaping culture, and helping build community.  

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