Details of the user interface of Sony's PlayStation 5 have been revealed, and this includes the stylish UI access point, Essentially Sports reported.

Previously slated on the first few days of the month, the PS5 event date has been postponed to June 11th due to the rising intolerance and protests out of the killing of George Floyd. Recently, the massive protests have reached the European shores, particularly in London and Berlin.

Sony participates in support of the campaign against racial injustice, reason for the postponement, and according to the report, the company is "a beacon of solidarity" for the protests.

Fans are excited about the details to be discussed during the event.

The user interface

For avid Sony PlayStation 5 enthusiasts, the wait includes anticipating the details of the user interface. Defined, this is the area where interactions between the machine, in this case, the PS5 console, and the humans, the players, occur.

A tweet from game designer Joshua, The Creator even hyped up the fans even more. He seemed to have provided a picture of the game interface to the fans. The tweet included a technical demo video that fans admitted they have not seen before.

The tweet vividly mentioned the term "concept UI."

Essentially Sports explained in their report, "What we see here might not be the final product. However, whatever we do see here is better than all the console tech demos we have seen so far. PlayStation 5 most definitely will deliver on its promise to give us the next-generation of gaming experience."

The backbone is reportedly Unreal Engine 5, and according to the experts, the limitations of the console are still vague, if there are any.

The writer, Dipanjan Dey added, "We were a little disappointed as we could not see any games being revealed. Nevertheless, we also learned that a new Gran Turismo game might be featured on PS 5."

However, the UI's access point looks very classy, based upon the rumors.

More details

The white background, paired with the option choice of the thumbnail, is revealing a very modern take to the console's UI. It emphasizes and highlights the person playing the game. More than these, the control settings are also being set, accordingly.

The thumbnail options revealed famous games, including FIFA 20, Horizon Zero Dawn II, Red Dead Redemption, Archer, and more.

"As a PlayStation fan, this video will excite one to get their hands on a PS 5 as soon as possible. Some finer aspects were also displayed on the interface. For example - progression in any game is visible when it's clicked," Dey pointed out.

Furthermore, GameSpot revealed more details on what to expect right as the event starts on June 11. There will be a new logo, and will appear on the DualSense controller. It will also sport a new appearance, specifically with a two-tone black and white design.

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