French firm Parrot brings its cool, new toys to the CES 2014 in Las Vegas this week. Technology insiders and enthusiasts will surely drool over the company's superstar duo, the MiniDrone and the Sumo.

The company famous for its quadcopter AR Drone, has unveiled the MiniDrone, which is an offshoot and the mini version of the AR Drone and features a three-axis accelerometer, and a three-axis gyro sensor. Using an Android or iOS device and utilizing Bluetooth low energy connectivity, owners can make the Mini fly around or even climb walls without effort.

If flying around is not possible to have fun with the MiniDrone, the small machine can be clipped to a set of wheels that will let it zoom fast on the ground or crawl up the ceiling.

While the Mini can easily rest like an insect on a human palm, its four rotors pack some power to bring it from point A to point B in no time. Without obstructions in between, the MiniDrone can easily be controlled even from as far as 160 feet.

Playing with the MiniDrone can be a lot of fun but its battery runs out of juice quickly. A full charge can only give the toy a max of seven minutes.

Another Parrot product and eyecatcher is the Jumping Sumo. This toy does not fly but boasts of maneuverability using its two big wheels. Users can independently control each wheel allowing for sharp and quick turns.

Just like its MiniDrone cousin, the Jumping Sumo is controlled using a mobile app and Wi-Fi. There is an accelerator to make it move forward and backward while tilting the device can make it turn in any direction. Its built-in accelerometer and gyroscope ensures accuracy of movements such that a swipe to the left or right can make it instantly turn to complete a right angle while a down swipe will make it complete a 180-degree turn.

The Jumping Sumo comes with a VGA camera that can give one a driver's perspective. However, the speed of the robot can easily make things look blurry.

To live up to its name, Parrot has enabled the toy to jump close to three feet. There are special buttons to control how the robot jumps as well as perform pre-programmed stunts.

Parrot has not yet announced the pricing and date of release for the MiniDrone and Jumping Sumo.

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