TechCrunch recently reported Facebook is testing out a new feature that aims to keep its users within the platform when searching for factual details to make them get to Wikipedia or Google. The details are here. 

Facebook told TechCrunch it will pilot an updated version of Facebook Search that reveals factual details when users look for topics on places, movies, television shows, political figures, and more. For instance, search terms like the United States President Donald Trump.

Typing this in the search bar, you will be taken to an information box that provides details from the movie. But isn't this what's happening now? Read further to get to know more information. 

Facebook and Wikipedia

These details are sourced publicly from available data, including those from Wikipedia. But here's the catch. Instead of requiring users to click outside of the social networking site to view the information, it will be displayed in the side panel next to the search engine results. The format is patterned after how Google does it. 

Users who first heard of the new have already expressed their sentiments online. 

Pilot program

Moreover, the company also revealed that the feature is a pilot program now running on the desktop, mobile applications, and iOS. 

"We've found the new feature can be fairly hit or miss, however," Sarah Perez wrote on TechCrunch. 

For beginners, they usually do not recognize search terms as the proper title. They will type in other names to find Wikipedia-powered information for what they are looking for. The social media company is also making things more accurate.

Searching for Trump

Meanwhile, doing the search for "Donald Trump," the current setup provides information, but information for a targeted reader group, for instance, members of the cabinet, cannot find what they are looking for. 

The side panel has information about the person's profiles, but not when the person is used as the search query. 

"Google's Knowledge Panel doesn't experience these same problems, as it's able to make intuitive leaps about which person, place, or thing the user is likely searching for at the time of their query," Perez added in her report. 

More information

Facebook Search is also a feature that will provide reliable information, for example, COVID-19, directing the users to official information centers. 

"In other words, don't expect to see an information panel for all the persons, places, or things you search for on Facebook at this time," the report further added.

This update follows the Facebook Graph Search feature is closed. Years ago, the social media tried reinventing the search engine with the Graph Search, allowing users to locate people, places, interests, and photos with Facebook data. This data may do you several things. 

However, this search with data from the networking site was shut down due to security lapses, including the scandal with Cambridge Analytica. Should it continue, it will hinder the investigators from catching criminals and accessories to the crime, according to BuzzFeed reports. 

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