After a couple of delays, things are finally picking up in Fortnite, with an ominous countdown timer showing up in-game, including at the central Agency building, in Midas' room that you can see on the Battle Pass menu, as well as in the game's lobby marking the time until Monday, June 15, at 2:05 p.m. ET.

Fortnite's Doomsday Event

According to The Verge, mysterious hatches have also appeared underwater around The Agency, which would play a massive role in the upcoming end-of-season event dubbed as "The Device."

There's also a glowing and pulsing orb in Midas' room, who will most likely initiate the attack on the Fortnite island, whatever it might be.

Although many have theories about what will happen during the event, Epic Games has remained silent and let the theories pile up, only leaving some hints here in there embedded into the game's data with every update.

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How to Catch and Experience the Event

For those who want to experience the event firsthand, Epic Games will most likely shut down other playlists. 

They will let you jump into one dedicated server to the event before it begins. 

However, matches are still open, allowing players to entertain themselves, earn XPs, or complete missions at the last minute.

Nevertheless, right before the countdown timer reaches zero, Fortnite will most likely stop the players so they can experience the event in real-time and without distractions.

Besides, Epic Games recommends that you arrive 30 minutes before the event starts, just like with any in-game event that has happened in the past. 

Plus, hopping earlier in the event playlist will help you get into the game faster than those who have logged in later, but do expect that you might get in longer than you usually do since there will likely be millions of Fortnite players rushing in to experience the event firsthand.

Most importantly, you need to log in as early as you can since Epic has warned players that space is "limited," according to the Daily Express, although they didn't say the capacity.

Streaming Online via Creators and Streamers

If you don't have the time to play or can't log in due to the limited space, you can stream the event and watch it online.

Epic Games don't stream their events, but you can always log in to streaming services like Twitch, where prominent Fortnite players will most likely log into the game and broadcast the event.

Among the most popular Fortnite celebrities you can follow are Ninja, Bugha, NickEh30, the FaZe clan, TFue, and more.

Content creators and streamers will also most likely post a replay of the event on their channels, including on YouTube, but usually, it would end up on their channels an hour or so after the event.

After the Doomsday event, season 3 will begin after being delayed for a couple of times, most likely because of the coronavirus pandemic, and second, due to the Black Lives Matter movement and protests across the United States.

Fortnite is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and both iOS and Android devices.

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