Atlus and Sega's Persona 4 Golden is now out on Steam, and within just a couple days, the game has broken a record with the most concurrent players, dethroning Final Fantasy XV.

Persona 4 Golden and its Endings

For those who are new to the game, P4G is a Japanese role-playing game centering on high schoolers brought together by a series of mysterious murders, going inside a mystery TV world and fighting enemies in various dungeons.

Although the story is pretty linear, several game choices will create an alternate ending.

According to players, there are six endings, one known as the True and the best conclusion. The True ending also has another version, sort of, and the only difference is the Aeon Link is maxed out before December 24, as per GameFAQs.

Warning: The following will include MAJOR spoilers, so continue reading at your own risk.

How to Get the True Ending

According to ScreenRant, players need to reach the scene where the main character and his friends corner Namatame, and they would suggest throwing the culprit into the mysterious TV world where he could die once the fog sets in Inaba.

To achieve the true and the best ending, players should choose all choices that are against the act.

In the first set of dialogues, you can choose anything as it will continue on the next one, but remember that you need to be adamant about not throwing Namatame on the TV.

Then, choose the following dialogues:

  • "Wait a second here..."
  • "We're missing something."
  • "Namatame's true feeling."
  • "Something's bothering me."
  • "We're missing something."
  • "Calm the hell down!"

On December 5, you will be asked who you think is the real killer, then choose Adachi. Doing so will unlock another dungeon that will lead to the final boss battle and will also unlock the true ending.

After that, you will reach a scene where the MC has to say goodbye to his friends, but make sure you don't get home until you've unlocked the final dungeons. To do so, go to Junes Food Court and open the final dungeon.

Once you've defeated the real culprit and had made Inaba peaceful yet again, one year would have passed, and the MC will have to leave the little town to go back to his home.

You'll be subject to a bittersweet and heartwarming cutscene showing with all of the protagonists complete and alive.

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How to Get the Bad Endings

There are three "bad" endings, and here's how to get them. Remember, each one includes massive spoilers, so read at your own risk once again.

Bad ending 1: In this ending, Nanako dies, Teddy leaves, and the mastermind behind all of the murders will not be revealed.

To get it, you also need to reach the scene with Namatame, and when prompted by Yosuke, you need to agree and choose "Push the bastard in." After that, a cutscene will follow, suggesting that the gang did push Namatame inside the TV world and died.

Bad ending 2: In this ending, Nanako lives, and Namatame isn't thrown into the TV world. However, Teddy leaves.

To unlock it, choose "I can't stay here" when prompted by Yosuke.

Bad ending 3: Basically, the bad end is where Nanako lives, but the real culprit is not defeated.

With that, follow the same choices of dialogues with Namatame and the gang from the True ending. However, on December 5, choose the wrong person three times in a row.

How to Get Accomplice, Normal, and Golden ending

Accomplice ending: In this ending, Nanako lives, and the real culprit is revealed, but you side with him.

You can only unlock this ending if the Jester Arcana social link is at level 6 before November 4. Then, follow the steps in the bad ending 3, but this time, choose the right person (Adachi) when prompted on December 4.

After that, choose to protect him when the time comes.

Normal ending: Nanako lives in this ending, and the true culprit and the mastermind are both identified. However, you don't unlock the final dungeon and defeat the mastermind.

To acquire this, follow the same steps in bad ending 3, choose the correct person, and don't protect them.

On March 20, don't go to Junes Food Court, and instead, just talk to all your maxed social links and go home. You can also go home directly without talking to your friends.

For the Golden ending, all you really need to do is follow the same steps of the True Ending, but the difference is, your Aeon Arcana social link must be maxed out before Dec. 24.

You also need to unlock the bonus dungeon on February 13 and save Marie regardless of the danger.

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