Epic Games has finally released Fortnite's season 3 after a couple of delays due to current events, but it seems like the long wait is worthwhile as fans of the game have been having so much fun with the latest season.

Fortnite Has a New Boss

The map has changed after The Device flooded a good portion of the map, making the gameplay experience different for every player--old or new.

Of course, there are also tons of new content, weapons, skin, and characters, including a new boss named Kit, who rides a mechanical robot created by Jules and is incredibly familiar, given his stark resemblance to a season 2 boss: Meowscles.

According to reports, there's a reason behind the resemblance as Kit is Meowscle's son.

As with the previous season, Fortnite players can get new skins based on the new characters, and if you want to unlock every Kit Styles, and as per ScreenRant, players would need a Battle Pass to unlock Kit first.

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Unlocking Kit Styles

Based on the news outlet, there are two ways to unlock the base Kit skin in Fortnite.

First off, players will have to reach Battle Pass level 60 by joining matches, winning games, completing challenges, and earning kills, or the second option is to buy the skins through the in-game store using V bucks.

For those who want to do it through the Battle Pass, you can get two Kit Styles: the Happy version will be yours after you've completed five challenges from Week 6 of the season, while the Angry version can be unlocked by completing any 40 missions in the Battle Pass.

For this season, many skins are connected to water, especially as the Fortnite map is currently flooded.

Last season, players had a chance to get their very own Deadpool skin by doing a series of simple tasks each week, this time, Fortnite is working with DC to bring Aquaman into the game.

Meanwhile, V bucks aren't necessarily acquired through real money as you can get free V bucks by rising up ranks and completing challenges, so the more you play, the more you can earn V bucks to buy new skins and weapons.

The Arrival of Punch Cards

Another new thing to come to Fortnite is the Punch Cards, which are precisely what they sound like.

Players will have a chance to unlock Punch Cards by participating in various games Epic offers and playing as usual, much like how a customer gets a card when they frequent an establishment for their loyalty.

According to a guide, players will be able to fill their Punch Cards by fulfilling various tasks like killing enemies, jumping, shooting, building, or swimming--and like with a real-life punch card, they could exchange it for something special once they've filled their cards with stamps.

There are a total of 49 Punch Cards available in-game as of now, and players can track them via the Battle Pass menu.

Fortnite is developed by Epic Games and is available on PC through the Epic Games Store launcher, as well as on PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and on Android and iOS devices.

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