If you don't have any health care thermometers at home, it is high-time to get one for the family, especially as one of COVID-19's symptoms is fever. You'll need it to know whether you or someone in the family has it, and the virus might cause other symptoms that you think.

But even without the coronavirus pandemic, having a thermometer at home helps you track different health issues from ordinary fever to even other types of infections.

Although a hand to the head or the neck can tell if you have a fever or not, it's utterly essential to know the exact temperature and see if it's something you need to worry about.

With that, here are the best selling healthcare thermometers you can easily get from Amazon:

Femometer Digital Basal Thermometer

First in our list is this digital thermometer from Femometer, which might look like any thermometer you can buy at pharmacies. However, this one can be used as a basal thermometer for pregnancy or as a general one to detect fevers.

It's a highly sensitive device and is insanely accurate. But best of all, it works with a smartphone app that would record your temperature. The app would work best if you're trying to get pregnant as it could say when your ovulation period is.

One little downside is that it takes longer to get your temperature, but that's because it's taking its time to get your actual temperature.It's made from high-quality and reliable materials, so it is safe for oral use. 

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GoodBaby Infrared Thermometer

An infrared thermometer doesn't have that metal tip from basic digital thermometers. Instead, it uses infrared technology to deliver faster and accurate details.

This particular infrared thermometer from GoodBaby includes three ultra-sensitive sensors to provide an accurate reading. You can also switch easily between Fahrenheit and Celsius, depending on what you're comfortable with.

This device can store up to 35 readings and recall them at any time if you like keeping track of your family's temperature. It's good when you're tracking fevers and see if their medicine is working, or you need to bring them to the ER as soon as possible.

GoodBaby No-Touch Forehead Thermometer

If you want a no-touch thermometer, then you can get this one from GoodBaby. It works well not just at home but also if you have a business, and people regularly come in and out. It's a must-have today to detect symptoms of COVID-19 and also to avoid touching someone, which could spread the virus.

This specific thermometer can take temperatures fast with just a click of a button.

It's incredibly accurate, something you'll want in a thermometer. Plus, you can also switch easily between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Like with the first GoodBaby thermometer in this list, this one can store up to 35 readings and get them at any time.

Perhaps best of all, you can use this non-contact thermometer as an all-around device, getting the temperature of objects and even food. 

Enji Prime Digital Thermometer

A basic, but accurate and fast thermometer is all you need as part of your first-aid and medicine kit at home. If that's what you want, this thermometer from Enji Prime is a good choice.

This device is made from safe material, so it can be used orally or through the rectum if you're checking a pet's temperature. It has a flexible tip, so it won't easily break apart if you're taking the temperature of a kid who won't stay still. 

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