Amazon Prime Day was previously postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the online retailer is holding a big sale happening this Monday, June 22 featuring the best and biggest brands in the industry with the best deals and biggest discounts. 

Amazon Prime Day is a two-day online shopping event that happens virtually. The company did not cancel the shopping event but postponed it to another date. 

Amazon Prime Day 2020
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What to expect during the event? The details are here.

According to a report on Yahoo! News, this upcoming summer sale known as the Big Style Sale is part of the company's effort to adjust with the worldwide pandemic while still catering to the growing number of online customers. The event will happen on Monday, June 22 and will include discounts from the most famous brands in fashion and Amazon's in-house products. 

Media outlets are covering the Big Style Sale 2020. Customers who sign up for a 30-day Amazon Prime free trial will also receive exclusive deals.

Amazon Prime Day2020: Discounts from your favorite brands

The Big Style Sale 2020 is happening on Monday with discounts from both top fashion brands and in-house brands. The end-date for this sale has not yet to be announced, but the report said it could run for one or two days. 

Brands such as Tommy John, Kate Spade, J. Crew, Lacoste, and Lucky Brand are among the main highlights during the big sale. Seek out the latest discounts on men and women's clothing, men and women's shoes, and clothing for toddlers, boys and girls. 

For customers who are not a Prime member, they can still take advantage of the discounts during the event. Amazon is offering a free trial for 30 days intended for non-members, so they can access the deals and perks. These include free shipping for two days, access to TV shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video, access to the collection of songs from Amazon Music, Whole Foods discounts, and many more. 

Amazon currently facing challenges

In the midst of the anticipation, Amazon is currently facing antitrust suits. Forbes reported that Amazon has joined other companies such as Facebook and Apple with issues with its stocks.

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"If you guess that Democrats might be about to take over the Presidency and the Senate, then the prospect for an eventual breaking up of the Jeff Bezos empire begins to emerge. Right now, of course, no one wants to think about it what with all-time highs and a nice grip on the whole 'convenience of delivery' sector," the Forbes report indicated.

Forbes reporter John Navin went on, "It's entirely possible that this herd mentality can continue beyond what reason might suggest. Investors might want to consider, though, whether underlying issues can become significant and how soon."

The similar setup for Amazon Prime Day 2020 is slated on a later date due to the rising cases and continuous mitigation of COVID-19. It is planned to happen this September.

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