Have you already played the 2020's most-rated game on PlayStation 4, 'The Last of Us 2'? This game is a sequel from its 2013 version. Set after five years, Ellie will conflict with zombie-like creatures that can only be killed by stabbing and using high-end powerful guns. But here's a tip. Every gun mods have its right time to be used against monsters on the game. Here are the top five gun mods, with each of their purposes and playstyles.

Top 5 gun mods: Expect 'Ellie' will be used in 'The Last of Us 2'

When you're in an apocalyptic world like with Ellie's, what's the first thing you should get? Of course, to survive, you need to get a weapon against creatures that may hurt, or intentionally eat you alive.

Ellie-- the main character of the game-- will be faced with tons of zombie-like creatures on the sequel of The Last of Us. All players of the game are allowed to use five types of gun mods that have their specific targets.

Here's the list, according to Inverse


Not exactly a gun-type weapon per se, but Ellie's bow can have a lot of impact on dangerous and scary creatures lurking in the dark on The Last of Us II. If you inaccurately use the bow, mistakes can happen in an instant. And you see yourself, spilling with your blood on the floor. Of course, we don't want that to happen. 

The bow is a perfect weapon if you don't want your cover to miss the headshot you're about to take. It also has a pretty sharp distance shot, so make sure you use it far away from the enemies on the game.


Once you find revolver ammo on the PS4 game, you're lucky enough to keep an eye on it. Since a revolver only takes a few shots before you're able to get another set of the magazine, this weapon must only be used for powerful zombies with melee weapons.

Another proof that it is not capable of fighting against swarms of zombies is that revolver can take a lot of time before you can reload it. Once you reload it and you fight a lot of zombies, you'll likely end up dead. So be careful. 

Pump Shotgun

Another great weapon against the scariest monsters in The Last of Us II is a pump shotgun. This weapon has a high damage impact on zombies, so once you shot it right in front of them, make sure also to keep your distance. 

Bolt-Action Rifle

A Bolt-Action rifle is a perfect weapon to have on the game. Unfortunately, it also costs a huge price compared to other weapons. Once you have this, players can use it for long-range shots so you won't blow your cover from a distance. 

Semi-auto Pistol

Of course, the basic weapon in The Last of Us II is still the best carry-on weapon to use in fighting each monster that will try to kill you. 

Just a heads up, it is not going to be useful for powerful creatures on the game. However, if you're stuck in a room with swarms of zombies looking for you, this is the best weapon to aim at due to its speed and evasion.

Or you can depend on luck, that could also be an option. 

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