Pokemon GO will have its 4th anniversary in just a few days and will give its trainers some new objectives that will surely get them hyped. According to Polygon's latest report, Time research line challenges can be participated by Pokemon GO's players starting next week of July 3 and leading up to Pokemon Go Fest 2020.

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According to Polygon's previous report, Pokemon GO Fest 2020, which will take place online, is on sale for $14.99; interested players can now get the ticket. The exclusive events will start from July 25 to 26, at 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. local time. Special Research Tasks on each day, challenges to compete with other players, and many more are included in the event. Trainers can unlock new species of Pokemon to find and catch during the event.

The first weekly challenge will run from July 3 until July 8, and also coincides with the 4th anniversary of Pokemon GO. Players will focus more on catching Pokemon during this challenge. Players can battle each other by individually completing the research, giving them a chance to catch a flying Pikachu and Ducklett, as well as earning a Star Piece.

Pokemon GO 4th anniversary will have 3 new weekly challenges

The second challenge is called "Battle" and it will run from July 10 to 15. This will give the players a chance to catch an Absol and Hitmonlee possibly; trainers can also have a chance to win a Super Rocket Radar. If each team has 1 million players complete the research, Team Mystic players can unlock Alolan Grimer, Team Instinct players can unlock Ferrosee, and Team Valor can unlock Alolan Marowak. An additional special battle will also take place on July 12.

On July 17, the third challenge called "Friendship" will begin, which is also supposed to end by July 22. This is named as Friendship since the trainers will have to send gifts to their friends while bonding with their Pokemon. They can also compete for the research to have a chance to encounter Petilil and Raichu, as well as earning Lucky Egg. Team Valor players can unlock Litwick, Team Instinct members can unlock Togetic, and Team Mystic players can unlock Dratini using the same parameter required in the previous weeks.

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