CES 2014 in Las Vegas has seen the unveiling of a variety of ultra high definition (UHD) screens from top brands like Samsung and Sony. However, LG took its share of the spotlight by introducing a series of UHD TVs that can go toe to toe with the best that the competition has to offer. From a super-sized 105-inch curved ultrawidescreen UHD TV to a 65-inch 4K-resolution UHD flatscreen, LG has all the bases covered.

LG's 105-inch behemoth, the 105UB9 sports a stunning curved screen with an aspect ratio of 21:9. The 105UB9 also has a "5K" resolution of 5,120x2,2160 pixels, one of the highest resolutions seen at the 2014 International CES so far. The new 105-inch model also uses TFT technology. While cheaper than OLED technology, TFT allows for more even backlighting across all 105 inches of the 105UB9. However, LG has also said that it will be releasing a number of UHD OLED TVs for consumers who prefer OLED over TFT.

Aside from the giant screen, LG's new flagship TV set also boasts of an extra large speaker positioned at the bottom of the unit. Along with the other front facing speakers on the 105UB9, this monster TV can dish out 7.2 channels of glorious surround sound. LG refers to the speaker technology used in this model as "Ultra Surround."

LG also unveiled a 98-inch model, an 84-inch model, a 79-inch model, and a 65-inch model as part of the company's UB9800 series of UHD TVs. The models included in the UB9800 series have a "4K" resolution of 3,840x2,160 pixels. These models run on LG's "Tru-ULTRA HD Engine Pro" chip that was designed to upscale SD, HD and True HD video content. For consumers who have 4K video content ready to go, the UB9800 series also comes with a feature called "4K Motion Estimation Motion Compensation" or MEMC for short.

According to LG, all of its new UHD TVs have support for HEVC and h.264 video. Additionally, the new models accept UHD video content using a number of ports that include HDMI 2.0, LAN and USB.

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