The revamped version of the cult classic, Catherine: Full Body, is now out on Nintendo Switch, making it more accessible to anyone who wants to try this puzzle, platform game from Atlus, the same developers of the Persona franchise.

As with some games from Atlus, Catherine: Full Body has multiple endings, meaning your choices in some parts of the game can significantly affect Vincent's path, the game's main protagonist.

According to The Gamer, the most significant choice you'll have to make that will affect the story is which relationship you'll pursue and which ones you will discard.

With that, here's an all endings guide for anyone who wants to know how to get the good endings or maybe witness the other endings they weren't able to get last time--but remember, there are SPOILERS ahead!

Catherine: Good Ending

This ending shows Vincent proposing to Catherine, and despite the Boss' wishes, she agrees. It's suggested that the hero moves to the Underworld with his lover, but he'll have to make do with the Boss sharing a bed with them.

To get it, ensure that the meter is heavily red then answering Yes, Yes, and anything that embraces chaos in Stage 9-2.

Catherine: Bad Ending

This ending shows Vincent proposing to Catherine, but she refuses and never sees her ever again.

The meter must be very blue to get it, and the answer on Stage 9-2 should be Yes, Yes, and anything embracing the chaos.

Catherine: True Ending

In this ending, we'll still see the awkward scene with Boss and the lovers, but it fast forwards to a few weeks later where Vincent has become a demon himself and has defeated Nergal and even uses him as a throne. Of course, he has a harem of succubi all for himself.

To get it, the meter should be heavily in red, and the answers to Stage 9-2 should be "Of course I would," no, yes and then yes or practically setting aside the good and peaceful life and fully embracing the chaos.

Catherine: Alternate Ending

In an alternate ending that was only introduced in Full Body, Vincent gets to marry Catherine as a human when they get sucked by a portal. They had kids and most likely lived a happy life.

To get this ending, the meter should be in blue and answer Yes to every answer in Stage 9.

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Katherine: Bad Ending

In this ending, Vincent decides to leave Catherine and goes back to Katherine. He then said the blonde girl was succubi, so his cheating did not count. However, Katherine doesn't fall for it, and he leaves him.

To witness this ending, the meter should be red and in Stage 9-2, answer Yes, Yes, and choose the dialogue that states they want peaceful days.

Katherine: Good Ending

This ending plays out quite similarly to the bad end, but instead, Katherine decides to try it again with Vincent. Fast forward, the scene shows the two of them discussing the upcoming marriage.

To get this ending, the meter should be blue, and the answers on the final stage are Yes, Yes, and then peaceful days.

Katherine: True Ending

This ending is believed to be the canonical ending of the game, wherein Vincent gets help from his friends and the Boss to convince Katherine, and she gives him a second chance. They get married, and this inspires Vincent's friends to settle as well.

To get the ending, the meter should be firmly in blue, and the answers should reject chaos at all costs and state they want a peaceful life, and they're ready for it.

Katherine: Alternate Ending

This alternate ending is terrible news for Vincent as Katherine rejected him even when he begged to go back, saying that cheating is cheating, whether it's an illusion or not. She then succeeds in a fashion magazine and moves one with someone else.

This ending is quite complicated, so you might need an in-depth guide for it. But the gist is that the meter should be somewhere in the middle and then respond to Katherine's texts positively. By Stage 9-2, answer Yes, No, and No.

Rin: Good Ending

In this ending, Rin and Vincent decide to make their relationship work. It also reveals that Rin's brother is an alien, and they have been helping humanity over the years.

Rin endings are a little complicated, so you'll want to see a more in-depth guide. However, you must at least have one mistake on the 10th day in Nightmare.

Rin: Bad Ending

Rin ends up leaving Vincent, saying he wants to help other people. However, it's suggested that they get back together in the future, although their fate remains unknown.

For this ending, you should get fewer than five answers right on Stage 9.

Rin: True Ending

This plays out similarly to the Good ending, but it shows Rin and Vincent in the future where Vincent works as Rin's manager while he plays the piano at a concert for the aliens. They also get married.

Players must get all the answers right during Rin's route, but it's kind of complicated that you'll need a more in-depth guide for it.

Freedom: Bad Ending

In this ending, Vincent chooses neither women nor Rin and lives life as a bachelor. He loses his money from the Boss but appears to not care much about it.

For this ending, the meter could be in any color. But you need to answer No, No, and then Yes at Stage 9-2 to get it.

Freedom: True Ending

Although Katherine's True ending is what people deem as canon, this Freedom ending is what most fans would say as the healthiest choice. It plays out quite similarly with the Bad ending, only that Vincent wins the bet and becomes rich, so he got into a space program to live in a massive colony ship.

This can be a little hard to get as the meter should be firmly in between red and blue, and players should answer No, No, and Yes in Stage 9-2.

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