Persona 4 Golden was only recently added to Valve's storefront and streaming service Steam, making it the first time a Persona title arrived on the platform.

Persona 4 Golden Modders Take Centerstage

Fans were excited to finally play the game, which was originally released for the handheld device PlayStation Vita, although the base game, Persona 4, was released late for PS2 and PS3.

But besides being able to play the game once again now on their PC, P4G fans are excited about one more thing: mods--and it seems like mod-makers won't disappoint.

In a report by Polygon, a new mode for Persona 4 Golden has come out, allowing the players to reach another level of the Yosuke Social Link and date him and make him part of the main character's harem (well, only if you choose to have one).

In the game, the female supporting characters could all form a romantic relationship with the MC, especially if you continue boosting their Social Links until you reach the maximum level and choose the right dialogues at the right time.

You can do this for all the female characters and creating a harem and keep it that way until Valentine's day, where you have to choose just one.

Of course, each one has a special confession scene, where they would tell the growing feelings they have for the main character. For long-time fans of Persona 4 Golden, they would know that Yosuke was initially designed by the developers to have a confession scene.

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The Yosuke Romance Social Link

According to the news outlet, unused audio for Persona 4 was dug up and was shared online several years ago--and yes, it was the audio of Yosuke confessing his love for the MC.

To say that it haunted fans was an understatement.

When the game came out, Yosuke was just the main character's right-hand man and best friend, and only that, although it appears that developers initially wanted the somewhat harem to be more diverse.

Nevertheless, the release of the game on Steam has finally allowed modders to show their creativity revolving the game finally.

So, modder MadMax1960 has decided to add Yosuke's romance social link back to P4G, and although it's just 10% complete at the time the report was written, it seems like the modder is planning on adding the unused audio.

Fans Can Soon Enjoy the Mod

As of writing, the modder hasn't yet published the mod and hasn't given a timeline on when it would be available for everyone, but it's definitely something fans should look forward to.

However, those who are curious as to how it would work, the modder did publish a clip of how the mode will be different and even if it's still unpolished with some mistakes, it always gives you an idea on what you're going to get yourself into if you get the mod as soon as it's been published.

For now, focus on solving the mystery of the Midnight Channel and unlock all the endings that the game has to offer. We have a guide precisely for that.

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