Top 5 Touchless Sign-In Systems for Visitor Management in 2020
(Photo : Top 5 Touchless Sign-In Systems for Visitor Management in 2020)

The covid-19 pandemic has warranted specific changes not only in healthcare but in lifestyle as well. Rules dictated by the new normal are now the staple of almost all standard operating procedures. While visitor management softwares and platforms have always been geared up to ensure the security of a building and its tenants, the new normal posts a new hurdle for such platforms.  As the world battles the pandemic in continued progress by letting people resume their lives, safety protocols are being set into place. With the condition that these protocols be followed, workers are being allowed to return to their workplaces. Although this will impose new responsibilities on the building's management, administrators are adapting well with no fuss at all, thanks to visitor management platforms.

1. iLobby

When it comes to visitor management, iLobby has always been a top provider of quality service. With flexibility being one of its core features, iLobby has now geared up with new features that have made it especially easy to cope with the new normal - such as the truly Touchless Sign-In feature.

Truly Touchless Sign-In

Developers of iLobby have come up with a way to keep workplaces both secure and safe through contactless visitor processing. This feature enables guests to sign in using just their smartphones. Because the  guest sign-in is fully mobile, not only is the workplace kept safe, it also expedites the visitor sign-in process. It enables complete pre-registration prior to the arrival of guests.The online pre-registration step completes most of the sign-in workflow before the visitor even gets into the premises. This includes watching videos and signing documents that are needed prior to granting entry to the building. The iLobby Touchless Sign-In reduces the chances of visitors touching surfaces such as admin-owned screens, pens, desks and others.

Often, kiosk touch screens pose a potential risk of contamination. As a result, management would typically need frequent sanitation. However, this strategy may not be applicable in some establishments and may even be impractical. The iLobby Touchless Sign-In is one way to address this risk because there is no need for visitors to touch the screen. Which means sanitation procedures are only needed as part of routine cleaning, not interfering with the workflow of the establishment. The iLobby Touchless Sign-In eliminates the risk of contamination while preserving the sanitation of the sign-in equipment.

How It Works:

The iLobbly Touchless Sign-In is a step forward in addressing the spread of Covid-19. The platform is also equipped with Covid-19 pre-screening tools where visitors are flagged once they fail the mandatory Emergency workflow. The building administration can then deliberate whether the entry of the guest will be permitted. They can also opt for a rescheduled meeting.

As one of the protocols imposed by the pandemic, social distancing is a big factor in dealing with the spread of Covid-19. With the iLobbly Touchless Sign-In, even social distancing is an automated process. This helps protect employees, contractors, and visitors of the facility. An additional feature of the iLobby Touchless Sign-In is the automated visitor logging. This data gives the building administrator a view of who is in the facility and when. This audit trail can be used for contact tracing.

iLobby will also prompt guests to complete specific steps including completing new versions of mandatory document requirements when their pre-registration becomes outdated. The iLobby Touchless Sign-In prompts all of these steps via the mobile phone of the guest before they can be signed in to the facility. This way, the need to have prolonged interaction between the guest and the building administration is eliminated. The iLobbly Touchless Sign-In performs all these processes without requiring visitors, employees and contractors to touch screens or use pens, accomplishing the goal of preventing the risk of spreading germs, enforcing social distancing, and taking part in contact tracing. With these, iLobby remains the top choice for keeping the workplace safe from Covid-19. Request a demo now! 

2. SwipedOn

SwipedOn is another visitor management software platform that has added features to comply with the protocols set to slow down the spread of Covid-19.

With employees going back to their workplaces, SwipedOn has added several features with the goal of reducing the risk of spreading Covid-19 in the workplace. These additional features include visitor screening and contactless sign in. 

For visitor screening, SwipedOn allows self-serve sign-in for visitors. The platform issues a survey regarding recent travels and their current state of health, including information on their temperature, and occurrences of cough and sore throat. The building admin will then be alerted if the visitor is considered a high risk person so that protocols set in motion and management plans and strategies will be carried out. 

The contactless sign-in on the other hand, offers easy visitor registration via an issued QR code. The customers, contractors, or employees will scan their QR code using their own mobile devices. This will complete the sign in registration, print their badges, and notify their hosts as they enter the premises. 

These new features are added to their original program which include the availability of admin web dashboard, completely customizable welcome screen, visitor agreement signing, instant notifications, and printing of ID labels.

3. The Receptionist 

The Receptionist is hailed as the original visitor management system that is made specially for iPads. The makers of The Receptionist for iPad created the platform in order to improve and move away from old management systems that involve pens and papers. The platform was formerly known as The iPad Receptionist.

The Receptionist visitor management system offers flexible configuration options for a personalized check-in experience. The makers of The Receptionist have molded the platform to be a better way of keeping track of an establishment's visitors. It includes features such as custom button workflows, custom badge design, multi language display, location management, two-way communication, and contactless check-in.

In accordance with the protocols set for the current battle against the Covid-19 pandemic, contactless check-in is a must for platforms such as visitor management software. The Receptionist for iPad uses custom QR codes which can be scanned by the visitors using their mobile phones to complete their check-in procedures. The Receptionist also makes use of face recognition which alerts the iPad to scan for QR codes. This can be done without requiring the visitor to touch the iPad screen. As with other visitor management software, The Receptionist will print an ID badge for the visitor and notify their host

4. Envoy

Envoy protect Beta is one of the visitor management platforms made for workplaces. With the goal of re-opening offices with confidence, Envoy Protect Beta has included touchless sign-in and wellness check to its features. Other features include employee registration, capacity management and other workplace safety tools. 

Even if Envoy Protect Beta is automated, the building manager will still be able to take control of who enters their facilities. Employees that will come back to work will be given an invitation and will go through employee screening where they will either be approved or denied entry to their workplace. The screening parameters include information on their health and temperature. Once their entry is granted, employees will go through a touchless sign-in process. 

Having a touchless sign-in is essential when stopping the spread of Covid-19. To be able to do this the employees will have to pre-register so that important information will be gathered and recorded under their accounts. The employees and visitors will be asked to use their own mobile phones during the check-in process. Once their identification has been verified, ID badges will be printed and notifications will be sent to their hosts. The building administrators will be able to access the information from their dashboards when needed.

5. Greetly

Greetly is another automated receptionist and easy to use visitor management system. This is one of the crowd favorites because of its friendly and easy to use interface, customizable platform, and the simple set up it requires. 

Greetly offers three types of plans namely Essential, Pro, and Enterprise. All three plans offer unlimited users, check-ins, and notifications. These check-ins are touchless as required by Covid-19 protocols. The Greetly Essential plan offers an easy to use visitor check-in. The Greetly Pro plan has all the features of the Essential plan plus the option to print visitor badges, check-in on more than one kiosk, and send messages, emails, and text messages to visitors. On the other hand, Greetly Enterprise has a full customization at the highest level for companies with varying sets of requirements.

The long list of features that Greetly offers include notifications in voice, text, email, slack, and even Skype. It also offers customizable workflows, customizable notifications to employees and to visitors, and drag and drop edit with no technical skills required. It also has integrations including G Suite, Google hangouts, MS Teams, Skype for Business, Slack, and many others. Greetly is programmed to capture visitor photos, print badges, and interactive legal documents for e-signatures.

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