Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2020 is about to start its closed beta on July 30. According to Engadget's latest report, the Flight Simulator 2020 is about to take a big step after making noise with its hyper-detailed graphics, real-life weather, and traffic conditions. 

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Windows Central first announced the rollout of Alpha 5 update for existing Microsoft Flight Stimulator testers. The development team stated that the closed beta version will move from bug-smashing to a refinement operation ahead of the big release. It was also confirmed that the update comes with a new wave of alpha invitations for previous registrants; while focusing on the existing groundwork clean up.

Users who previously registered for alpha access before sign-ups closed were advised to check their inboxes. Other users who were shut out of the alpha program will be given a chance to try out the beta since Microsoft will expand the pool of participants.

"As a reminder, if you are currently an Alpha tester, you will be automatically granted access to the closed beta," said the development team.

"If you are not currently an alpha tester, we will be sending out new invitations for the closed beta participation," added the team.

The latest release of Microsoft will focus on fixing flight dynamics, killing more glitches, multiplayer characteristics, individual aircraft, peripherals, weather, and more. It will also fix one of the bugs that don't allow the snow to last on the ground surfaces as expected.

Other updates of Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2020

Details about whether the same substantial non-disclosure agreement 9NDA) will remain on closed beta applications remain unclear. However, all current alpha testers will automatically receive access as promised by Microsoft, with further beta invites. Although pre-release tests remain focused on Windows 10 PCs, Microsoft's development team said that the new Flight Simulator should also be expected on Xbox One.

Microsoft said that the release could be a disruptive contender in space since its Flight Simulator needs to feature over two petabytes of Bing Maps to provide a 1:1 representation of the Earth. The project claimed it provides accuracy on a near-incomprehensible scale since it is fused with foliage mapping, terrain data, and systems like real-time weather. It can potentially contend with the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase on July 23, as claimed by Microsoft. 

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