The ancient mummy which the scientists have revived is now the new internet sensation its voice was spread on the internet. According to IFL Science's report, the ancient mummy was a priest named Nesyamun, who was preserved before he was buried in an Egyptian temple at Karnak around 11,000 BCE.

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Its body survived the travel after he was unburied from his resting place and then moved to England. At that time, the Leeds City Museum was heavily damaged during the massive bombing, blowing the coffin away. But, although it faced rough scenarios, the mummy was still intact, and his throat, as well as trachea, was remarkably untouched. The scientists found out that the body was incredibly well-preserved.

The United Kingdom's team of researchers was able to reconstruct the ancient mummy's vocal tract earlier this year, 3,000 years after he died. They worked hard for years since 2013 and had successfully produced an electronic larynx with the help of CT scans. The researchers successfully recreated the voice of Nesyamun and were able to make the ancient mummy talk. Here's a video of what he said.

How did he became an internet sensation?

The previous report of IFL Science stated that the U.K. researchers also used facial recognition software to recreate ancient people's voices, developing an approximation of the sounds they produced. People found the scientific project amusing since it is astonishing to hear what a dead person from 3,000 years ago might have sounded like. 

The released video of the mummy's voice tickled people on the internet. As people reimagined what his voice would sound like, Old Nesyamun became a sensation in many social media platforms, including Twitter. Here are some funny tweets from different users. 

 This one made the ancient mummy like an old guy who just step on a stone. 

If he was living today, this would be his reaction with the ongoing pandemic. 

This edited video made him sound like Mickey Mouse acting like Goofey. 

If the ancient mummy was an Indian, this what he would sound like. 

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