Short-form Video App With Successful Entrance to US Market
(Photo : Short-form Video App With Successful Entrance to US Market)

CNET News Cited national security concerns that the United States and Australia are considering blocking the TikTok app. The United States Army and Navy have banned their officers from downloading the TikTok app to their government-issued phones.

Here is the reason behind banning the TikTok app by president Trump administration.

The politicians are afraid that the app could be a source to the Chinese government to spy on United States citizens. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo in an interview with Fox News aired on Monday said that all the users who downloaded the app are giving "private information in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party." President Donald Trump quoted a different reason to ban TikTok app.

In an interview with Gray Television, Mike Pompeo asked for remarks. Pompeo stated that Donald Trump confirmed the United States is banning TikTok.

"It is big business," "Look, what happened with China with this virus, what they've done to this country and to the entire world is disgraceful." Trump Said.

"With respect to Chinese apps on people's cell phones, I can assure you the United States will get this one right too," Pompeo said. TikTok is still in action and continues to attain power. However, another video app Likee from Singapore has declared the United States market as their next target.

Likee is growing rapidly. It has crossed 115  million  monthly  active  users. Its ranking is increasing. According to the Breakout  Apps  and  Games  listing  2019 line as the most downloaded app.

Why Likee is Favorable for U.S.

Likee launched in 2017 as short video creation and sharing app. It is available for both Android and IOS. It comes in the ownership of a Singapore based Bigo Technology. Likee has a huge number of downloads from home and abroad. It's challenging the competition in video making apps. Although, there are many factors which make Likee one of the most preferable video apps, here are some features that make Likee push in the United States market significantly.

What Likee offers for Video Creation?

Likee is filled with, special effects, stickers, and unique filters. It is a fantastic app for letting the world know about your style.

You can play around with your videos and photos as long as you want by using Likee. There are a lot of options for you to create fun with this app and introduce yourself to the world. With the help of few taps you can apply makeup and also many adjustments are available for users that help to adjust the shape and size of your ears, eyes and etc. Likee offers myriad effects that are incredible and competitors like Instagram and TikTok will be kept on their toes. Its design might be a bit different but the feel of their effects is similar to them.

All these filters allow you to edit your videos and can also be applied stylish stickers, 4D magic, and superpower. On mobiles, it gives a lot of options like, touch up options, 4D effects, and HD video with effects. Likee offers an interface with an element of new homepage vertical video labels. This feature makes it easier for users to watch the video category they preferred. The 4D magic elements provide users movie-style graphics on their Likee clips.

Likee also helps users to interact with other users and to share their creativity by using the nearby setting.

Hashtag without Restriction:

Like the other social platforms, Likee has also used this feature to attract more audience. Everyone is aware of the hashtag on social media channels, Likee also offers users to use the hashtag on videos that help users to gain millions of views and ultimately viral that content on other social channels.

Since the inception of this platform, Likee has inspired millions of users to make videos with its existing tools and features. Spreading new users base on this app is calling for the addition of more related features in the future.

Why Likee is Successful Among Competitors

Likee offers a broad and open platform for free impressions where users can be real and honest without any restrictions. The word without restriction or censorship attracts more users. Moreover, Likee's purpose is to provide facilitation of digital connections

for the people to show their creativity and build a community to make expressive engagements.

Tik Tok Took down all hashtags related to Black Live Matter and its defense stated that it was a tech glitch. Likee Inclusion shows to be true about a strong push in the US market; how they proved successful with Black Live Matter to be a medium people can trust and peacefully can be seen and heard.

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