Despite the controversy that TikTok is facing, the online community for this social media platform is growing. Among them is the WitchTok community, short for Witches of TikTok, and yes, their videos focus on witchcraft, spells, worshipping various deities, and manifestations.

However, according to CNET, new or "baby" witches on the platform have banded together to try and hex the moon.

New WitchTok Members Have Apparently Hexed the Moon

Based on the report, the rest of the WitchTok community took to other social media platforms, mainly Twitter, to explain what has happened to those who aren't familiar with their ways and voice out their frustrations.

As it turns out, the bulk of the community isn't happy with the newbies.

Twitter user @heyyadoraa created a thread on Twitter to document what has happened and has made a note that baby witches are new and inexperienced in witchcraft and should only be "researching and doing protection work."

Additionally, the Twitter user also explained what hexing is.

"A hex is essentially spellwork that is a collection of negative energy and is directed to someone, something, or a group of someones/somethings. These are intended to have negative effects and cause HARM to them and their lives," she wrote.

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What are the Fae?

She also mentioned that some of these baby WitchTok members have also tried hexing the fae, which is fair folk or the creatures where fairies were based on.

As it turns out, witchcraft newbies like these baby TikTok witches shouldn't create any form of relationship with the fae when they haven't got enough experience in the craft and without enough research about these creatures.

Apparently, the Twitter user claimed that these TikTok witches hexed the moon after they hexed the fae, and it's not a good thing for the entire community, including the rest of WitchTok, as the moon is basically the fuel for their spells to work.

But are we okay? Is the moon alright?

Does it Affect Us?

If we're to ask scientists, yes, the moon is fine without a doubt, and even the WitchTok community has freely said that our planet's closest neighbor is fine.

WitchTok user @thatonebluntwitch said in one of her TikTok videos that the rest of the community is madder with the "audacity of these idiots" to hex the moon or anything related to nature as it's a "sacred thing in witchcraft."

With that, the moon is fine, and the ordinary people who aren't into witchcraft will most likely not feel anything, but for those who practice the craft, their reaction is understandable.

In a report by The Cut, a Reddit user from TikTok claimed that they know four new and inexperienced WitchTok members who have attempted the lunar hex, but did not identify them protect them from harassment.

After the fae and the moon, there are reports that this small group of new witches on TikTok are targeting the Sun next, but the community isn't going into every little detail about it.

All we can hope is that their hexing won't affect us all as 2020 isn't exactly playing out the way we want it to.

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