A new discovery was released by billionaire Elon Musk about his Neuralink's brain chip. Lately, he said that the brain chip can cure depression. Now, Tesla and SpaceX CEO claim that the brain chip can actually have a function to play music directly inside your head. Mindblown? We surely are.

Musk's brain chip has a scary but awesome function

On July 16, Tech Times reported about Musk's 'terrifying' brain chip that is meant to be inserted in a human brain in the future. 

From the last report, we told you that the mini chip can cure mental disorders like depression and addiction, as boasted by Musk himself. It works by 'retraining' the parts of the human brain that are said to be responsible for these functions. 

He also added that the chip "could help control hormone levels and use them to our advantage (enhanced abilities and reasoning, anxiety relief, etc.)."

On July 20, Monday, Musk released another info about his much-awaited mini-brain chip. It can be your brain-Spotify that can stream music inside your head. 

In an Independent UK report, the billionaire, when asked by computer scientist Austin Howard, actually said that people who will install the chip can "listen to music directly from our chips." 

Is it true?

A research paper from BioRxiv listed that theNeuralink chip has a single USB-C cable inside its mini structure. It might be the equipment inside the chip that will order the human brain to receive "full-bandwidth data streaming."

Another clue that the music claim could actually be true is the fact that Musk himself is looking to hire new people for his Neuralink company that has expertise in tech wearables. 

"If you've solved hard problems with phones/ wearables (sealing, signal processing, inductive charging, power management, etc.), please consider working at [Neuralink]," he tweeted. 

Aside from the tech experts, he was also looking for a robotics software engineer, mechanical engineer, and, surprisingly, a "histology technician."

These tweets were not backed up by Musk, so we don't have any ideas on the purposes of the new job listings. However, the sure thing is that all these employees are needed for Neuralink. 

For now, all we know is that the brain chip has a 'sewing machine-like physical design' and will be put inside the brain using a Laser Lisk surgery. Other announcements about the chip will be released officially on Aug. 28. 

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