Facebook Pages will have a cleaner look by removing the Like button in the new design.

As first reported by Tech Crunch on Wednesday, July 22, the new page design aims to make it easier for those who manage Facebook Pages with a cleaner and more readable outline.

Currently, the new features are being tested among a few public figures like actors, authors, creators, and media entities. However, Facebook has now expanded the test to a broader group of Pages, including some English-language business accounts. The test provides an option for Pages to try the new layout on the mobile platform.

A Facebook logo is displayed on a smartphone in this illustration
(Photo : REUTERS/Dado Ruvic)
A Facebook logo is displayed on a smartphone in this illustration taken January 6, 2020.

With the new less complex layout, page visitors can easily see key information such as the Page's bio and posts. As the Like button and the number of Page Likes are removed, only the Follow button and follower count will be shown on the page.

Currently, users who "like" a Page are automatically following the page, but they may change the settings at any time. This may be confusing to some page owners who just want to engage with people who are interested in the Page.

The Old versus New Layout
(Photo : Edgar Gollubey/Twitter)
The Old and New Layouts of Facebook Page

This change will better show the Page's actual reach as many people who "Liked" various Pages may have later unfollowed them as their interest declined through the years. This may also be true as people only like some pages after their friends sent them a request to do so.

On the other hand, the number of followers indicates the number of people who are receiving updates about the page.

Also, page managers can better connect with followers by simply browsing their News Feed. They can quickly switch between their personal Facebook account and the public Page they manage when making a comment or reacting to posts.

It is still unclear when Facebook Page's new design will be applied publicly

The test is currently running in the Facebook mobile app while the company has not yet shared when the update will be applied to the public.

In the meantime, it will surely aid page managers who can assign specific admin access permissions on each task. Using the new "Edit Access" screen, owners can assign specific management tasks like who can create Page content and ads, respond to page comments, or send direct messages.

The Like button has been removed in new Page layout
(Photo : Jo March/Twitter)
This change is currently applied on a few public pages

Moreover, this will make it easier to navigate the Page Insights section where Page owners and managers can track analytics about the Page's performance, particularly when page ads are running.

With the new update, these insights will be shown directly on the Page itself or even from a post. The Insights section will give page managers access to additional information, including which posts are performing. It also shows a new metric in which the Page's audience coincides with the linked Instagram account.

More importantly, Facebook will now group related data like mentions and post reactions, when sending updates, reducing the notifications received by each page.

Meanwhile, Twitter user noted on July 18 that the page scroll starts below the profile banner. However, there was no report from Facebook about this change.


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