League of Legends Spirit Blossom Festival will have exciting new updates in patch 10.16. A new champion will soon arrive in the summoners rift together with the upcoming Spirit Blossom skins. Inverse reported that League of Legends launched its new month-long Spirit Blossom Festival on Wednesday, July 22. 

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The new event will surely excite LOL fans since it will also release a new champ together with the new skins, which will be given to nine champs. It will also include a new kind of narrative mission called Spirit Bonds.

League of Legends event already started at 4:00 p.m. Eastern on July 22, introducing Spirit Bonds mission together with the new champion and skins. The event will run until Aug. 24.

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Riot Games released a new champion in League of Legends, Lillia, who can put enemy champions to sleep while dealing with lots of magic damage. In short, this new "magical fawn" will be an Ability Power (AP) type, hero. League of Legends' game manufacturer described her as the one who "musters the courage to venture out and uncover the mystery behind her ailing forest."

The Spirit Blossom themed skins will be given to Vayne, Thresh, Ahri, Teemo, Kindred, Cassiopeia, Riven, and the new champ "Lillia." These skins will have purple, pink, and white color-scheme, based on the color of the new event.

Here are the best solo queue champs you need to rank up this season

RedBull explained that playing the solo queue might be a little frustrating since you don't know who you are playing with, especially if there are players who don't want to adjust their role. Here are the best champions you can this season, which won't require to always depend on team plays. 


Most players are scared of Darius because he is the ultimate bully in top-lane. What makes this hero a bully is his skills that deal with huge damage against five enemy champs even when he is alone. His first skill will let your enemies bleed until their health bar runs out, while providing you with massive healing ability when the its "tip" hits all of them. You can also build tanky items such as Thornmail, Spirit Visage, and Black Cleaver, still he will do the same damage. 


Irelia is another top-lane fighter who can turn games around with his dashing abilities. She is also considered one of the best top-lane assassins who can melt her enemies, even tanks. Irelia can escape ganks while dealing a huge amount of damage to her enemies by slicing through them before they can even react. 


This champ is one of the top jungle-assassin. Kha'Zin can sneak easy kills even in the early part of the game. This insect's Void Reaver is great against team fights, as well as in a one-on-one match with tanky champs since it allows him to evolve his skills, giving him healing ability, utility, and a huge amount of burst damage.  

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