A new GTA 5 mod is currently invading the game, featuring an unkillable creature called "Sirenheads." Many YouTube game streamers posted videos of the new mod, showing how they are struggling to kill these monsters. A YouTuber under the name "Jelly" posted a video of his GTA 5 after downloading the Sirenhead bot. 

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In the first part, the creature can be seen hiding behind a house, which then suddenly disappeared. The YouTuber followed it and saw a very tall humanoid form, with speakers or sirens as its head. It's just walking on the streets, but other characters in the game didn't notice it. 

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After Jelly provoked the Sirenhead with his car, it suddenly chased after him. He got into a tank to try and kill the creature. However, it suddenly shoots out explosives. Another YouTuber under the name of NoughtPointFourLIVE also posted a previous video revealing the new mod.

However, in this video, the Sirenhead is much bigger and taller, with its head reaching higher than skyscrapers. It becomes scarier as the YouTuber saw that the creature's sirens have mouths while using a fighter jet to kill it. However, his plan failed. He also used tanks, Gatling guns, RPGs, bazookas, and other explosives.

With the methods he used, his character ended up dying while Sirenhead was still alive, wreaking havoc in GTA 5. This new mod skin also became popular with other games.

Sirenhead also invaded Fallout 4

PCGamer reported that Slender Man is not the only one who can be found in Fallout 4, Sirenhead also entered the game. The game's version of Sirenhead was created by the artist Trever Henderson.

The report described it as a gangly, forty-foot-tall cryptid, with a pole as its heads, attached with speakers. The creature's speakers create the sound of an air raid sirens, static, eerie snatches of music, and emergency broadcasts. 

A report of Fandom explained how these creatures hunt their prey. 

Sirenheads can mimic nuclear war announcements, amber alerts, and the voices of people who are close to its victims. They lure people who are lost in a forest and then grabbing them off the ground, violently killing them.

However, it is still unclear what they do to the people who fall victim. 

Recordings of these creatures from 2018 and 2010, were posted on the website. One of the recordings came from Chicago, Illinois, while the other came from Weyer, Austria. Both are described as a tornado sirens.  

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