There's a new Netflix phishing scam that subscribers of the platform should be wary of as they could unknowingly leak their username, password, and other confidential data.

Netflix phishing scam
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Here's how to spot the latest Netflix phishing scam.

Latest Netflix Phishing Scam

In a report by Lifehacker, the phishing scam starts with a seemingly innocent email from "Netflix Support," saying that there is something wrong with their billing detail and that they need to confirm it or else their subscription will be canceled the following day.

This kind of scam is quite alarming as cybercriminals tend to make the emails look legit at first glance.

However, any email that tells you that your credit card service could not be charged for any service and asks you to confirm and input your bank details is a huge red flag, and it's important to double-check with the service you're using.

When it comes to Netflix, the platform will cancel your subscription a month after your last payment.

Additionally, phishing scams like these emails would also include links that people would simply click on, showing a seemingly legit website where they would input confidential data that phishers could easily get and either leak, sell, or use for their profit.

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Beware of Red Flags

According to the news outlet, after you click on the link from the email, it would direct you to a CAPTCHA page that is designed to look a lot like Netflix's own website, with its black background and red boxes.

This move does not only help cybercriminals make the site look more legit, but also to help hide their shady activity from anti-malware software you have installed.

But how would you know if you have received an email from a phishing scam?

Most of these phishing scams have some telltale signs and they're pretty much made for people who don't look into details, so always pay attention to whatever site you're directed to, especially if they are asking for private details like your bank account number.

Besides the first red flag, it is also essential to check the URL of the link you've clicked as it won't be hosted on any Netflix domain.

How to Spot Phishing Scam

Here are more of these signs that you should look out for:

  • An email from a phishing scam would always have a sense of urgency, e.g., the Netflix scam would say your account will be canceled the next day, and so on.
  • The email is about an issue that has never happened before throughout your use of that particular service.
  • The sender does not come from the company's domain and emails would often look like these: "" compared to ""
  • You are asked to input more data compared to what you have provided when you initially signed up for the service, including your bank account details.

If you receive this kind of email, it is best to check your Netflix account and see if there's anything wrong with it, or you can also call their customer support and verify the problem.

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