The coronavirus pandemic has spread out almost around the world. Most of the tourist-pack countries are now closing their borders to curb the spread of the virus. But for essential travels, this is bad news. If you need to get out of the country you're currently in, what are the things you should know about? Here's the guide on how to travel safely and secured amid the pandemic.  

Top five things you should know about traveling amid a pandemic

Before you get to ask frequent questions about traveling amid COVID-19 pandemic, you should first ask if the place you're heading to is open for outsiders. Most of the countries are now closed borders. This means no person may enter or exit the country as they see fits. 

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US CDC) warned that traveling can increase your chances of acquiring COVID-19. Public transport vehicles like airports, bus stations, train stations, and rest stops are commonplaces of virus centers. 

So its best for you to stay-at-home as much as you can and as much as its possible. However, if you really need to do family, business, or work travel; here are the things you should know, based on CDC.

Pack alcohol-based hand sanitizer in your bag

No matter where you go, especially outside of your home, handy alcohol is your real weapon against the virus. When you need to travel outside the country, having an alcohol-based hand sanitizer inside your bag is a must-have. Make sure to have at least 60% alcohol inside the bottle. 

Wear a face mask or cloth face cover

You should not forget when you travel always to wear your face mask or cloth cover, every time you're outside. The droplets of any liquid content in your body like saliva can be easily transferred from person to person. So if you have COVID-19, make sure to keep a distance from any people-- or just don't leave the house.

Prepare food and water 

We all know that airports have a lot of food being offered inside it. However, amid pandemic, it's still safer to prepare your own food and water sterilized well. In this way, you will no longer be paranoid about how another party prepared the food. 

Bring medicine 

The main goal of protecting you in travel is to prevent a passenger from being physically sick. Once your immune system is down, your body's tendency to be less immune to viruses increases more. For now, we don't have the time to be sick, so bring a pack of cold, headache, or fever meds.

Follow the protocol of the airport

Aside from the first guides, the airport's safety precautions shall be followed at any time of the day. One of these is social distancing from person to person within 6 feet away. Traveling is no longer an essential thing nowadays. If you don't really need to travel, skip the plan. 

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