A viral black and white photo found on Reddit circulates online as a crowd of Football fans watch a game in 1918 while wearing face masks.

Reddit user u/DangerousDeveloper's post went viral as a photo he shared on the website showing people in black and white, dressed formally, enjoys a football game. The image posted dates back to 1918, more than a hundred years have passed. The Redditors post gained 109,000 upvotes and continue to receive comments and interactions from amazed Redditors.

The post created a thread that discussed the history of the photo. Reddit user u/TooShiftyForYou started the thread by saying that the game on the picture is played by Georgia Tech Golden Tornado in Grant Field Atlanta. At that time, the team's current coach was John Heisman, who is believed to be the person where the Heisman Trophy was based on.

U/TooShiftyForYou added that the crowd could not cheer, throw hats, and celebrate that time to avoid physical human interaction. He said that Georgia Tech won and beat NC State 128-to-zero. Sports fans usually cause uproars and celebrate by hugging when their team won the game. This is why people were not allowed to do so, especially in the Spanish Flu pandemic.

U/lloyddobbler added that this particular game happened two days before the start of the First World War, in which the United States participated in.

The world faces the same dilemma as before, only now, the lockdowns and quarantine are stricter than previously as no sporting events are open to the public audience.

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Spanish Flu Era

CDC defines Spanish Flu as the most severe virus that struck the world in the world's history. This particular virus is called H1N1, with the avian group as its origins.

The virus was discovered in the spring of 1918, mostly in the United States military personnel. A rough estimate by CDC shows that more than 500 million people are affected by this, and in the United States alone, 675,000 people died.

The death toll alone was too much, especially during the earlier days as detection and stemming of the virus is hard compared to the present situation. The virus's mortality targeted those in the 15-34-year-old age group, noting that these people are healthy adults.

World War I


This time was also when young, healthy male adults are being drafted in the military as global warfare increases when tension rises. The United States actively participated as it took the side of the Allied Powers in the war-torn continent of Europe. 

World War I is also known as the deadliest war because it was brutal; Alongside this, a global pandemic, specifically the H1N1 Spanish Influenza, occurs in the majority of places worldwide. 

Currently, the world faces yet another invisible enemy, the Novel coronavirus, that has no known cure as of the moment. This situation puts the world in the Reddit images' perspective as people are required yet again to bring out their face masks and avoid excessive physical contact. Another virus puts the world to a stop, contributing to the history of diseases that befalls man.

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